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 The North Coast of Peru is characterized by a few large valleys, which break up the monotony of the desert,  and presents some of the oldest monumental architecture of the Andes. 


Brujo Complex

Peru is steeped in a rich archaeological heritage, with some of the most important sites being found in the coastal desert of the northern coast, and in the southern Andean Highlands.  In this guide a general overview of the most important sites in these areas is presented, enabling the reader to gain an insight into Peruvian archaeology and the cultures to whom this archaeological legacy is owed.

By the third millenium BC the early inhabitants of this region had developed a highly efficient economy based primarily on the rich maritime resources of the Peruvian Coast.  Before the advent of large-scale irrigation agriculture, and the appearance of ceramics, very complex societies, about which we know precious little, had emerged.

lt is considered to be one of the few regions in the world where pristine states emerged.



The spectacular North of Peru is rich in archaeology, history and scenic contrasts. Bounded by the cold waters of the world's most plentiful fishing grounds and the Amazon rainforest, lie the stark deserts, fertile valleys, mountains and cloud forests that gave birth to several great pre-Inca civilizations. 

From the 1st to the 15th Century AD the most prominent of these cultures - Moche, Lambayeque, Chimu and Chachapoyas - achieved great sophistication and skill in ceramics, agriculture, architecture, metallurgy and warfare. Their vast and mysterious citadels, tombs and temples grace the outskirts of some of the principal cities of the north - Chiclayo, Trujillo and Chachapoyas.

Cajamarca is a city of colonial charm, rolling Andean countryside, and home to the important archaeological sites of Ventanillas of Otuzco and Cumbemayo. It is a place of great historical significance - in this city Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured, imprisoned, ransomed, and executed Inca Emperor Atahualpa, unleashing the destruction of Inca civilization. Travelers may stroll in the town square - site of the first and decisive battle between the Spanish and the Inca - and visit the ransom rooms that were filled with gold and silver by legions of loyal Inca subjects in the attempt to buy the freedom of their doomed regent


 Moche Route (3 days / 2 nights)

Daily departures        Private basis

Explore and enjoy the  diverse cultures of the north  coast. and discover the amazing archaeological sites in 3 days.
We will  stay 1 night in Chiclayo and 1 in Trujillo.


Archaeology & Nature in Northern Peru in (4 days / 3 nights)
Daily departures        Private basis

Combine some of the most spectacular highlights of Peru´s desert archaeology with a taste of one of the planet´s rarest north coast forest habitats. 
We will stay 1 night in Trujillo, 1 in Chaparri and 1 in Chiclayo.

Incas & Moches (4 days / 3 nights)
Daily departures        Private basis

Explore the amazing North, visiting both archaeological sites and areas of great natural beauty where the ancient Moche and the more recent Incas lived.
We will stay 2 nights in Cajamarca and 1 in Chiclayo, 


Immerse in Northern Peru Cultures (7 days / 6 nights)
Fixed Departures       Fridays
Daily departures        Private basis

Travel by land from Lima to Northern Peru and discover the secrets of Northern Archaeology including a night in Caral considered as one of the oldest culture in America. We continue to Trujillo and to Chiclayo where you will board a flight back to Lima.

Treasures on Northern Peru (8 days / 7 nights)
Fixed Departures       Saturdays
Daily departures        Private basis

This journey through the landscape and history of Peru’s little-known northern region will be a revelation and a magical experience.. The program is intended for travelers with a special interest in archaeology, and a taste for adventure.


Lost Cities of the Northern Peru  (6 days/ 5 nights)
Fixed Departures       Tuesdays
Daily departures        Private basis

Travel by land from Lima to Northern Peru and discover the secrets of Northern Archaeology including Caral considered an example of the oldest culture in America. We continue to Trujillo and to Chiclayo where you will board a flight back to Lima.


Santa Cruz Trekking (7days / 6 nights)
Daily departures        Private basis

Specially designed for trekkers that love adrenaline and love adventure. You will enjoy incomparable views of steep ice faces, penitentes, gigantic white walls, similar to the finest of the Himalayan scenery. 


Trujillo to Tarapoto (9 days/8 nights)
Fixed Departures are set dates for 2018 & 2019
Private Departures   Daily basis
Season to Travel       June to October

A program that includes the most important areas of Norther Peru : Trujillo (2 nights) Tucume in Chiclayo (1 night) Gocta Lodge in Amazonas (3 nights) and in a Tarapoto Lodge (2 nights)

This is a diffrent way to discover the area



                              Discover Organos and the Humpback
                    Whales (3days / 2 nights)

                    Daily departures     Private basis
                    Season                        15 July to 31 October

                  Another approach to the norther area that
                  will allow you to enjoy a once in a lifetime

If you would like a tailor made program do not hesitate to Contact us

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