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Ica : Paracas

Discover Nasca Lines & Paracas National Reserve in 3 Days/2 Nights


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One of the great mysteries of South America if not the world, are the Nazca Lines, a series of geometric shapes etched from the desert along the southern coast of Peru. The motifs depict a hummingbird, spider, a monkey and others - they are drawn in a single continuous line and etched by clearing the desert’s brush and crust to reveal sand underneath. Many theories surround these mysterious lines, but experts including the famous archaeologist Maria Reiche believe they were an astronomical calendar, designed to help organize the planting and harvesting of crops.

The Nazca region also holds great interests for wildlife enthusiasts including Paracas, a National Reserve established to protect marine life, including sea lions and a variety of peleagic birds. Paracas is also known for the unusual trident or candlestick motif known as The Candelabrum, that is carved from the sand dunes along the coast. Like Nazca, there are mysteries surrounding this symbol carved in the desert. Some have attributed it to extraterrestrials, but experts theorize that this was a place of religious significance, where priests worshipped the setting sun.

Private departure : Daily basis

Trip begins in Lima Hotel and ends in Lima hotel

Our trip includes:

  • Bus tickets Lima / Paracas / Lima
  • Overland services in  Ica & Paracas

  • Accommodation in the following cities

1 Night    Ica

1 Night   Paracas

  • Meals during the trip when mentioned

Our trip does not include:

  • Personal expenses such as beverages, telephone call, tips, etc.
  • Extras not mentioned in itinerary

  • Optional private car Lima - Nasca & Paracas - Lima.

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