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Magic Route of the Andean Condor

Full day experience that will allow you to see  the Andean Condor  in its natural environment, Archaeological sites, typical flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes


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Magic Route of the Andean Condor

A few hours from Cusco city in its natural environment is located The Sanctuary of the Andean Condor. The Andean Condor is a Majestic bird that was considered one of the Apus (Gods) of the Hanaq Pacha (Upper World). The Incas worshipped the Andean Condor since they thought it was the god that connects the upper world, Tayty Inti (The Sun), Mama Killa (The Moon) and others with the Kay Pacha (Earthly World). The Sanctuary of the Andean Condor is located in one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Apurimac river canyon. With an approximate depth of 3907 meters deep, this geological feature allowed the development of a special geography in the area with gorges, abysms. This is the reason why this region is hard to visit and why there is a river running inside it that bares the same name. This river, the Apurimac, is responsible for the fertile valley that is the perfect living spot for the largest flying bird in the world. At present the Condor is a protected species considered since it is on the verge of extinction and Condor Sanctuary is one of the few places where we have the opportunity to see it in its natural habitat.

Before reaching the Andean Condor Sanctuary, we have the opportunity to visit a couple of archaeological sites which during the Inca period were very important structures on the way to the Chinchaysuyo (northern part of Peru). The first place to visit is Quillarumiyoc which was one of the most important temples in the Pampa de Anta, where the Inca priests worshipped the Mama Killa (The Moon); the other place is Tarawasi, an Inca structure that with its architectonic structure would be a ceremonial center where important functions were hold in relation to the different ceremonial rites that yielded also in benefits of their Gods.

Fixed Departure - Daily departures (Minimum 2 persons)

Trip begins and ends in Cusco hotel

Our trip includes:

  • Private transport.

  • Professional bilingual guide.

  • Entrance fee to attraction.

Our trip does not include:

  • Air tickets.

  •  Accommodation in Cusco

  • Personal expenses such as beverages, telephone call, tips, etc.

  • Extras not mentioned in itinerary


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