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 Detail of services offered to Media Crews that are interested in filming in Peru and list of companies that have worked previously and name of project

 Interested in Filming in Peru ???



Inkanatura, conservation through tourism

InkaNatura Travel excels in organizing logistics for professional photographers and international film crews. Our experience includes repeated, custom-designed itineraries and logistical support for the BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic, among others.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, We can coordinate filming shoots of any length or duration, and of any subject, throughout the rainforest and in every part of Peru.



  • Bilingual location coordinators (fixers).
  • Indigenous rain forest indian assistants.
  • Scientific advisors.
  • Custom-built filming blinds.
  • Scouting trips.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Tree platforms, blinds and scaffolding towers.
  • Filming permits (in national parks, reserved areas, archaeological sites etc.)
  • Ground and air transportation (including airplane and helicopter charters).
  • Accommodations in our  and   and field camps.
  • Accommodations in cities as Cuzco and Lima (other cities upon request).
  • Accommodation and services in our Tambopata & Manu Lodges.
  • Campings with meals including cookers, tents, etc.
  • Lighting equiptment.
  • Telecommunications (By radio and Satellite phones).



This a small selection of the possible fauna and culture to film in Peru


  • Monkeys.
  • Harpy eagles.
  • Macaw clay licks.
  • Brazilian Tapir clay lick.
  • Giant Otters.
  • Agami heron colony.
  • Spectacled bear.
  • Andean Cocks-of-the-Rock.
  • Vicuñas.
  • Humboldt penguins.
  • Flamingoes.
  • Andean Condors.
  • Guano and sealion islands.
  • Insects.
  • Pink Dolphins.

And of course you can combine filming other interesting areas of Peru where you can find different fauna and culture






 InkaNatura Travel's specialists were intimately involved in the planning and field production of the following:





In Search of the Bushmaster with Austin Stevens - Tigress Productions (2004)

Austin Stevens: Snakemaster, also known as Austin Stevens: Most Dangerous and Austin Stevens Adventures, is a regular airing nature series hosted by Austin Stevens that is broadcast on Animal Planet. Most of the footage was filmed in HD format with certain episodes featuring sequences of time slice photography.

This is an episode when Stevens finds a Bushmaster in the Amazon


Jean-Michel Cousteau
Ocean Adventures : Return to the Amazon


The Amazon: The most powerful of the world's river systems, its rapid transformation will alter the global climate. Emptying into the great Atlantic Ocean, it flows through the world's largest tropical rainforest, the vast, natural theater where evolution has gone wild, creating the greatest biodiversity of any area on the planet. Twenty-five years ago, Jean-Michel Cousteau explored this fabled region with his father, the legendary Jacques Cousteau. Since then, an area the size of Texas has been deforested. With an intimate look at recent changes, Jean-Michel returns with a new expedition for the signature PBS environmental series, Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures.         

Written by © Ocean Futures Society 2000 - 2007 All Rights Reserved  




Scarlet Macaws take their medicine.
Earthflight (Winged Planet) Narrator David Tennant)

Nervous Scarlet Macaws arrive at clay licks in the Amazonian jungle to reap the benefits of the medicinal clay. The clay not only settles their stomach but also provides the macaws with essential sodium and calcium supplements. John Downer Productions.

Other shows :

  • John Downer Productions (August 2016) - Scouting.
  • John Downer Productions (October - November 2008) - Scouting.
  • EC 1 - UK ( July . October 2008) - World`s Lost Tribes
  • Apu Productions USA (June 2008) - Scouting.
  • Granada Media - UK (March 2008) Animals do the funniest things.
  • Ocean future society - (March and June 2007) Return to the Amazon.
  • Travel Channel - (March 2007)
  • Civisa Media- Discovery Channel (Feb 2007) - Raw Nature
  • Inndus Film- UK (2007) Scouting 
  • GRB Entertainment (Discovery) - US (2007) The Bone Detective
  • Hellion Pictures- UK (2007)
  • Apu Productions- USA (2007), Still Photos for Indiana Jones 4
  • Icon Films (2006) - UK
  • Steeledya (2006) - UK
  • Compasslight (2006) - USA
  • UNICEF (2006) - USA
  • BBC (2004) - Sports Relief
  • Tigress Productions (2004) - Austin Stevens: Snakemaster 
  • BBC Horizon (2004) - Moche
  • GRBTV Entertainment (2004) - Expeditions to the Edge
  • BBC (2004) - Life in the Undergrowth
  • Seven Arrows - Telenova Productions for Smithsonian Museum (2004) - A Thousand Roads 
  • Granada (2004) - ConquistadorsTigress Productions (2003) - In Search of the Giant Anaconda with Austin Stevens
  • BBC2 (2003) - 'Grown Up Gappers'
  • Granada Media (2003) - Jungle
  • BBC (2002) - Sports Relief
  • Discovery Channel (2002) - Living Pulse
  • Icon Films (2002) - Andean Festivals
  • Adare Productions (2002) - Amu Amigos
  • Popular Arts (2002) - Jeff Corwin Experience
  • BBC (2002) - National Lottery Jet Set
  • BBC History Channel (2001) – The History of Rubber
  • South African Broadcasting (2001) – Special Assignment: Peruvian Prisons 
  • Discovery Channel (2001) – Living Pulse
  • BBC (2001) – The Life of Mammals
  • John Downer Productions (2001) – Mammal Medicine
  • BBC (2001) – The Casement Diaries
  • Sky TV (2001) – Planet Travel
  • Lion TV (2001) – The Heat is On
  • Survival – Anglia (2000) – The Real Macaw
  • Travel Channel (2000) – Places of Mystery
  • BBC (2000) – Giant Otters: Wolves of the River
  • RAMM Entertainment (1999) – Saving the Endangered Species
  • BBC (1999) – Ultimate Killers
  • BBC (1999) – Andes to Amazon
  • Discovery Channel (1999) – Sican: Gold, Blood and Fire
  • BBC (1998) – Wild and Dangerous



"Manu: Peru's Hidden Rainforest" 1997

  Winner of First Prize at 1997
  Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
"Black Market Birds" 1996

  National Audubon Society
  WildLife Adventures

 "The Macaws of Manu" (1996)

  NHK Television of Japan

 "The Spirit Hunters" (1994)

  About indigenous people of Manu
  The Discovery Channel

"Spirits of the Rainforest" (1993)

  Manu National Park.
  Winner of Emmy for best documentary of 1993-1994 season.
  The Discovery Channel. 



The Other Macaw Clay Licks

  Bird Talk Magazine, October 1999
  Written by Tad Foringer

PARCO DI MANU/PERU - Tutta la Vita del Mondo

 "Manu Park/Peru- All the Life of the Worlds"
  OASIS (Italy) March/April 1998

ARAS, Die Pop-Stars Amazoniens

 "Macaws: the Pop-Stars of the Amazonia"
   GEO (Germany) July 1994

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