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Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Mar 9, 2019 8:09:00 AM


The geographic diversity, incredible wildlife, hospitality, rich tradition, and great food – there’s no need to look hard if you’re looking for reasons to visit Peru. Whether you’re a solo backpacker or want to take your family to vacation, Peru has something to offer to everyone. Let’s take a closer look at why we believe Peru is a fascinating and diverse country.

  1. The Beautiful Amazon

Peru has three Amazon regions:

Many new lodgings are operating in the Tambopata Reserve, which is connected by air to Lima and Cuzco.


1 - The Resurging Lima

In the past,Lima was somewhat a dangerous and dingy city. However, as the Peruvian economy began to rise, so did Lima. Beyond its marvelous culinary delights, you can see the old Huaca Pucllana ruins, as well as many museums and a famous old town.


Lima downtown 

2 -Cuzco

Retaining many links to its ancient heritage, Cuzco is one of the oldest continuously inhabited town on the American continent. It is easy to wander around as Cuzco’s center is pedestrianized, with many art galleries, churches, and palaces-turned-hotels. You will also be greeted by the ruins of Coricancha – the Inca temple of the Sun (demolished in 1533).

3 - Machu Picchu

One of the most visited tourist destinations in South America, Machu Picchu is located on a mountain ridge – 2,430 meters above sea level. You can reach it via a high railway line or hiking trails. With the right guide and some planning, you’ll be enchanted by this 15th century Inca citadel.

4 - Ruins, Ruins, and More Ruins

Kuelap is a Peruvian ruin that sits on a clifftop and is surrounded by cloud forest (it’s also called the Machu Picchu of the north). There is the adobe city of Chan Chan, and Chavin de Huantar (with its impressive engravings and narrow tunnels).

Chan Chan The Largest Adobe City in the Americas

The adobe city of Chan Chan,

5 - Cultural Festivals

There are vibrant festivals in Peru during the entire year. There is a festival during Semana Santa (the week before Easter Sunday), with a blend of indigenous and colonial traditions. On June 24th, there is the Inca festival of Inti Raymi (the Sun festival, in honor of the god Inti), Festival of San Juan, and Peru’s Independence Day (July 28th).

6 - Home to the Nazca Lines

These interesting geoglyphs depict living things, such as animals, birds, and the “Astronaut.” The Nazca Lines are mystifying and awe-inspiring and believed to have been etched sometime between 500 BC and AD 500. As they can only be seen properly from the air, there are small planes that fly from an airfield nearby.


The spider (Nazca Lines)

7 - Peruvian Beaches

If you’re not eager to go up in the Andes, there are lovely beaches on the northwest of Peru. The best spot for beach lovers is probably the district of Piura, with its lovely golden shores and tropical climate.

8 - The Sacred Valley

Situated between Machu Picchu and Cuzco, the Sacred Valley can be traversed by bus or rail (for travelers in a hurry.) There, you can see the Moray ruins – circular agricultural terraces that are believed to have been used as an agricultural research station


Huayhuash, a trekking paradise in Ancash

9 - Trekker’s Paradise

There are so many great trekking options in Peru. across the country’s distinct regions. You can choose to go on one-day walks or multi-day slogs, and some of the most popular treks include the descent into Colca Canyon, high-altitude Andean treks, the Inca Trail as well as other treks to Machu Picchu, multi-day treks into the Amazon, and the Alpamayo Circuit alpine treks.


10 - Peruvian Food

Visitors can enjoy in a colorful variety of regional cuisine delights, such as roasted cuy (guinea pig), alpaca steak, ceviche, and snacks like humitas, tamales, and juanes.


Lomo Saltado


11 - A Luxury Sleeper Train

In 2017, South America’s first luxury sleeper train arrived. The Belmond Andean Explorer goes through one of the highest rail routes in the world, taking in sights such as Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, and Cuzco

12 - Huacachina, the Oasis

Huacachina looks more like Arabia rather than South America. Located in southwest Peru it’s an oasis which is home to a mermaid (according to legend.) An excellent spot for sandboarding, this is one of the most tranquil destinations in Peru Many native Peruvian ethnic groups were gathered here thousands of years before 1532 and the arrival of Spaniards.

13 . Peruvian Hospitality

You will be impressed by the hospitality of the Quechua people. Traveling across the lands of Peru will give you a one-of-a-kind experience to meet people who have been living in this region for centuries, without ever leaving it.

The life in Peru is more than affordable, which makes it perfect for travelers and for all budgets.

You can also extended your trip from the  Peruvian coastline to the Amazon jungle.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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