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Victor Delfin

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Mar 15, 2020 1:22:58 PM

Victor Delfin

Victor Delfin is a famous Peruvian artist born in 1927. He is considered to be one of the best sculptors and painters from Peru. However, he also boasts a significant worldwide reputation. Many of his works have been exhibited across both South and North America in notable museums, as well as in private collections. 

One of his most famous works cannot be found as part of collections, but right in Lima in Peru. We are, of course, talking about his most impressive work – the El Beso (the Kiss) monument located in the famous Love Park in Lima’s Miraflores District. 

However, there is a lot more you should know about Victor Delfin

The Life of Victor Delfin

The famous Peruvian sculptor was born in 1927 in a small fishing village called Lobitos. He was the youngest of eight children. His early life wasn't easy as his family was poor, so Victor spent his days helping his father in his workshop. At age 14, he managed to obtain a scholarship to a major art school in Lima


Later, when he was 22, he became eligible for an international scholarship, but he chose to study in Ayacucho, Peru. As he himself has stated, you can learn what art is really about in places like Ayacucho, learning from the folk-artists, the so-called primitives, who are actually creating masterpieces.

After his long school years and working as a director of a fine arts school and as an art teacher in Chile, he finally set up shop in Barranco, Lima . That happened in 1965, and he has lived and worked in this notable district of Lima ever since.

The Work of Victor Delfin

Victor Delfin is notable for being a very prolific artist. He is almost 90 years old, and yet he still works most days in his magnificent seaside studio and home. We know him to work even 10 or 12 hour days most days of the week, instead of relaxing in his beautiful home enjoying the fruits of his retirement.

But as Victor says: “This isn‘t work. This is fun.” He is essentially paid to create and enjoy, which is why he is unlikely to stop creating for as long as he is able to create with his hands.

And we can only be grateful for that, for his works are more than astonishing. Delfin is known to work with most materials available – he has used metal, wood, aluminum, canvas, and even polychrome acrylics. His creations frequently depict birds, horses, and many other animals. However, he also has a lot of sensual and sexually charged paintings and sculptures as well. His El Beso sculpture proves that.

Naturally, you should visit Lima in Peru and see the famous sculpture in Love Park to gain a true understanding and appreciation for Delfin’s and Peruvian art in general. 

If you’re looking to know more about his work and visit  Lima´s sites where hiw work is, feel free to Contact us


Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Lima, culture

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