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Treasures of the Northern Kingdoms

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Sep 3, 2017 11:37:00 AM


In Northern Peru you will be able to discover several archaeological sites built by the different cultures that developed in the area. Each Museum houses a wide collection of pieces that less you their history, and allows you to dicover those cultures and theirs priceless treasures.

Visiting the archaeological sites, temples and museums will allow you to find even more about the extensive pre-Inca past and the magnificence on how ancient people used to live between 100 and 700 A.D.

The Ancient cultures that inhabited the valleys of Northern Peru had different social, infrastructure &, artistic skills and mystical traditions.


Lord of Sipan Burial Site

The Royal Tombs of the Lord Sipan Museum was inaugurated in 2002. Its architectural design is inspired by the ancient truncated pyramids of the pre-Inca Mochica  culture.

The Musuem s main purpose is to show the Tomb of the Lord of Sipan, found in 1987 by Peruvian archaeologists Walter Alva and Luis Chero. This discoveris considered as the most important milestone in Peruvian archeology, because for the first time the magnificence and majesty of the only ruler of ancient Peru found until that date was revealed.

The heart  of the museum helds the Royal  Mochica  Room where you find the Lord of Sipán is in his warrior costume and gold pectoral and other jewels of the same metal. It also houses the burial chamber of the former ruler along with eight skeletons of his companions, all with their respective original dresses. In this Royal Mochica room, about 30 mannequins represent the political environment. 10 of which have been articulated, so they are in motion during the visit. It is an exact reconstruction of what was the magnificence of the royal court of the Moche warrior, faithfully representing what was a Mochica  entourage. You can also see the ornaments recovered from the tomb, as is the case of the coxal protector of gold, among other important objects.

The more than 400 jewels of the governor Moche are placed in armored protected showcases. Among the pieces of the dignitary Mochica stand banners of gold on copper, gold crown with royal symbols, 
gold rattle, turquoise and gold earmuffs,  shells-made pectorals, cotton headdress and feathers ornaments. To guarantee its conservation, the atmosphere is dark and there is only directed light.

On one of the floors are other pieces of gold, copper and sober fabrics, among which are gold and turquoise earrings, a complete feline image, a gold breastplate made of snails, several banners, a gold rattle with the figure of a cutthroat and a copper breastplate.

The Royal Tombs of the Lord Sipan Museum will allow you to learn more about this great culture and as you move around yuo will be surrounded by history.
If you want to know more about Moche Culture, a trip to Chiclayo will allow you to find more about the it.
This society made great hydraulic engineering work and architectural as can be contemplated in its pyramids and temples.
They worshiped the sea and the moon deidity Ai Apaec  as their main god.

If you want to enjoy  a different experience discovering Peru cultures we suggest to include in your travel itinerary a visit to TrujilloChiclayo and/or Cajamarca in Northern Peru.  

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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