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The Mysterious Nazca Lines

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on May 27, 2017 9:30:00 PM

Nazca Lines are considered as  one of the greatest enigmas of the world.

According to studies, the Nazca Lines were buit between 300 B.C. until 900 A.D

These lines are a serie of extraordinary figures, which can be observed from  above (approximetaly 1500 feet, up in an aircraft)


Some of these colossal measures figures are animals such as : a whale, a bird, a dog, a pelican, a heron, a spider, a hummingbird, a monkey, an iguana. Others are geometrical figures as the spirals, triangles and extensive straight lines through kilometers. You can not forget the human figures being one of the most visible the astronaut.

Then, the questions come to our mind,
* How could they build them at that time as the man could not reach altitude (or at least it is what we think)?
* Futher more,  How could they perform complicated topographic calculations without modern technology?
* And we are sure, there are more questions that you will ask yourselves while you observe them.

Since the Spanish conqueror and chronicler Cieza de Leon who was the first to discover them, more than 300 years have passed. Many persons have studied them.

There are many theories about it .US scientist Paul Kosok was the first to discover them completely and gave the historical value they have today.. To observie them you need to be above in a good height pointviews or flying over the desert. He came to the conclusion that it could be the world's largest astronomical calendar. There are many theories about their mysterious forms, from an airport built by extraterrestrial UFOs, messages from other non-human beings, map of constellations or area of ancient rituals to their gods.

Finally ,one of the latest and most known researcher of the Nazca Lines, was Dr Maria Reiche, (1903–1998) who was a German mathematician, archaeologist, and technical translator who carried out research of the Nazca Lines in #Peru, beginning in 1940. 

She was able to explain more precisely her theory of the meaning, which would be an alphabet to record astronomical events that happened at the times of the ancient Peruvians inhabited the area.I

t took her a while to have success in gaining recognition and preservation of the property. She helped educate people about the resource and gain government recognition and preservation. It was not until 1995, that the Nazca Lines were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Being able to appreciate this ancient historical legacy site will be one in a lifetime experience that you will not forget, a place where experience the real mystery that enclose the Nazca Lines. that unfortunately nobody has been able to decipher 100%, yet.

paracas bay.jpg

Paracas Bay

You can make a full day tour from Lima to Pisco, to Ica or to the same Nazca,, where you will board a plane to observe the lines. If you go to PIsco you can combine the experience with a Ballestas Island excursion. Also you can make a trip and spend 1 or 2 nights in the area and combine the experience with a little adventure in the sand dunes in Paracas or Ica. or a night a Viñas Queirolo Boutique Hotel located among a vineyard field in Ica.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Ica

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