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Tambopata National Reserve

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jan 2, 2018 12:55:12 PM


Tambopata National Reserve

Located in the regions of Madre de Dios and Puno, Tambopata National Reserve is a nature reserve in the Peruvian Amazon Basin in Tambopata Province's Inambari and Tambopata districts.

In 1977, the Peruvian government prohibited hunting and logging in the area. And on January 26, 1990, the Tambopata-Candamo Reserve Zone was created and declared to protect the forests that have two vital ecosystems, celebrated for its biodiversity. Tambopata boasts more species of birds and butterflies than any place of similar size on earth – 595 species of birds and 1,300 species of butterflies. The reserve also represents 90 species of amphibians, over 1700 species of plants, and 103 species of mammals. At least 13 endangered species are found here, including the giant otter, jaguar, ocelot, giant armadillo, and harpy eagle.

Things to Do in the Rainforest

The best season to travel to the reserve is in late March through December when the weather is good. The rest of the year is generally rainy. Apart from the Amazon River Cruises, here are some other fun things to do when you’re at the Tambopata National Reserve:



Peru Verde conservation work in the Rainforest hand to hand with InkaNatura Travel

  • Jungle Nature Day Treks

You need to go on the day treks if you want to experience the rainforest first-hand. Only experienced guides can take you through the extensive networks of trails where you will get the marvelous opportunity to encounter the wildlife while also learning about how the rainforest works. Look forward to seeing different species of monkeys, insects, birds, and beautiful flowers.

  • Jungle Nightwalks

The nocturnal wildlife in the jungle are some of the most fascinating. On a jungle night walk, you may see them out and about. The trained eye would know that little flashing lights in the bushes and trees are actually animal eyes; you may be looking right at a jungle creature! Be on the lookout for caimans, monkeys, vibrant colored frogs, snakes, and insects that look like leaves.

Pampas del Heath Platform

  • Tree Top Walks

If you want an extraordinary view of what the reserve has to offer, you will love the tree top walks. The canopy walkway systems are 25m or more high above the ground and are a network of bridges, towers, and platforms. The views from up there are unrivaled, giving you not just a view of the landscape but the opportunity to see the animals and birds in their natural habitats. Canopy walkway systems that you’ll find in Tambopata include the Taricaya Canopy Walkway, Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, and the Refugio Amazonas Canopy Tower.

How to Get There

A daily commercial flight from Lima (2 hours) and Cusco (30 minutes) will bring you to Puerto Maldonado, a bustling frontier town and the gateway to the Tambopata National Reserve.

Here, one of our staff will meet you as you leave the airport arrivals area, and will remain with you until you return to the airport to board your flight back to  Cusco or Lima.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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