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Pucusana, a nice Birding Trip

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jan 8, 2016 10:33:10 AM


Pucusana is a small, picturesque fishing village about 40 minutes by car south of the district of  Miraflores (which is one of the nicer districts of the city of #Lima)

To go to Pucusana, you need to travel by car Soth the Pan-American Highway. You will arrive to Pucusana about 60-80 minutes later (depending on traffic), and the last 30 minutes of the journey are quite beutifuk with plenty of landscapes as you can see desert dunes and mountains.  

Pucusana is the first sheltered port for small boats south of #Lima, and you can have an unparalleled opportunity to go out in small, economical, safe fishing boats for short (15-30 minute) tours of the calm bay, or to venture outside of the bay in open ocean trips of 40-75 minutes. 

If one arrives at Pucusana earlier than 17.00 pm (the sun sets at about 18:00 pm or 18:15 pm), you can enjoy excellent views of the amazingly attractive seabirds in the calm little bay there. The main species of interesting birds that are easy to see on such boat trips include Peruvian Pelican, Inca Tern, Guanay Cormorant, Elegant Tern, Peruvian Booby, Black Oystercatcher, Seaside Cinclodes, and a number of gulls.  If one ventures into the open water about 15 minutes from where one boards the small fishing boats, one has a good chance of seeing 1-6 Humboldt Penguins, which is a globally-endangered species.  Surely this penguin outing must be the most economical and accessible chance for North American travelers to see any of the world’s species of penguins.

The amazing bird experience at Pucusana starts where you board the boats in the little fishing port, where enormous Peruvian Pelicans, beautiful Inca Terns, and a variety of gulls approach the docks to take bits of fish that you can toss to them.  In fact, you don’t even need to get into a boat to have this experience, but it is recommended that you go out with InkaNatura Travel’s favorite fisherman, who has been trained to prepare a few pounds of fish bits to toss to the seabirds while you cruise along.  He also knows how to drive the 10-person, open boat slowly and at such an angle to the wind and sun that you can get prize-winning, close-up pictures of Peruvian Pelicans and Inca Terns.  Often you get as close as 1-2 meters (3-7 feet) from these two species of colorful, photogenic birds.  No other travel agency in Peru knows how to guarantee these angles and photo-locations around the edge of the bay, where certain spots feature wonderful, natural rocks as background for your photos. 

Finally, normally one sees several large Southern Sea Lions on a boat outing, and with a bit of luck, one also often can get excellent looks at one of the rarest sea mammals in South America---the playful coastal otter, which is the size of a North American Otter.  Currently InkaNatura Travel offers exclusive visits to its parent nonprofit group’s artificial otter den, which is a floating, covered “safe haven” anchored in the bay to provide a resident family of these rare otters with a dry, warm den for sleeping and reproducing. 

In sum, a trip to Pucusana offers nature lovers with a fast, easy, safe, unique opportunity to see some of the most beautiful seabirds in the world, all in less than three hours round trip from #Lima.  All of the 300 international birders and nature lovers who have gone to Pucusana on our recommendation have agreed that it offers an amazing experience for the money, and in so little time.

If one is more of a serious birder than a broad-interest nature tourist, then while on a trip to Pucusana, it is worth setting aside an additional hour or 90 minutes to stop either on the way to Pucusana or on the way back to see the nice grebe species, birds of prey, other water birds, and some small passerine birds at a unique brackish marsh known as the “Pantanos de Villa”.  These marshes cover about 1,000 acres and feature a labyrinth of marsh grasses and pieces of open water.  These marshes are located on the southern edge of the huge city of Lima, about 1-2 km from the ocean beaches of Villa and only about 15 minutes south of the hotel district of Miraflores.  A number of water and marsh birds can be seen well at the Pantanos and nowhere else this close to #Lima.

This trip can be done in a Half day or in a Full day and includes :

  • Private tourist van for round trip #Lima – Pucusana and back.
  • Private guide
  • Boat trip to see endemic birds From sea
  • 1 bottle of water per person
  • Lunch at local restaurant (only in Full day)If you would like  to be part of the adventure Contact us


Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Lima, birdwatching

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