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Planning a family adventure trip to Peru this year

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Apr 27, 2019 8:09:00 AM

amazon frog

Are you and your family planning an adventure trip to Peru this year? 

If your answer is yes, we invite you to experience Manu Jungle in Peru, a wildly authentic and natural destination. Travelling with us allows you and your family to fully experience the nature, learn all you can and enjoy espectacular sunrises and sunsets at the end of the day you will return to our family friendly lodges or tented camps to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Over the years, we've created adventure vacations in Manu area specially designed for all over the world for families with members of all-ages and have earned the titles of “1 of the 50 of the World’s last great places in thew World - Destinations of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler and Adventure magazines.

Some of the pictures taken by photographer Gregory Bertie
National Geographic
Bertie Gregory Website

You may ask yourselves : "How do we get to Manu?"

Manu National Park is located in south-eastern Peru and can be accessed from the cities of Cusco and Puerto Maldonado, both of which are easily reached by several daily flights from the Peruvian capital, Lima or by road from Cusco.

For those who choose to take the land route into Manu, the park offers even more - a vast span of stark mountain and high altitude cloud forest that covers the entire spectrum of contrasting natural environments and wildlife, all the way from the high Andes to the Amazonian lowlands.

Four of our programs offer this

Bio  Trip : Photo Safari from the Andes to the Amazon -  6 days & 5 nights  
1 night    Cock of the Rock Lodge
1 night    Manu Learning Center
3 nights  Manu Wildlife Center
Begins in Cusco
Fixed Departures         Saturday    

The Birdwatcher Photo Safari Trip -  8 days & 7 nights                      
2 nights   Cock of the Rock Lodge
2 nights   Amazonia Lodge
3 nights   Manu Wildlife Center
Begins in Cusco
Fixed Departures  Last Thursday of each month    

MANU 5D 08-0407-1  

Manu Explorer Photo Safari - 6 days & 5 nights 
1 night    Cock of the Rock Lodge
1 night   Romero Rainforest Lodge 
2 nights Manu Park Wildlife Center      
1 night   Manu Wildlife Center
Begins in Cusco
Fixed Departures         Saturday    

Manu National Park Photo Safari -  7 days & 6 nights 
1 night    Cock of the Rock Lodge
2 nights  Manu Park Wildlife Center      
2 nights  Manu Wildlife Center
Begins in Cusco
Fixed Departures         Tuesday      


This route includes the Cock-of-the-Rock lodge, a superbly located cloud forest hotel, with a nearby viewing area for the almost garishly brilliant national bird of Peru, Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve, The Communal Amarakaeri Reserve, The Manu Wildlife Center Private Reserve, all together compose an unique complex of Natural Protected Areas and cover an area nearly the size of Belgium, or the U.S. State of Maryland.

We have a team of experts that will help you organize your whole trip, not just Manu. We have a wide choice of hotel options to choose from in the differente cities you plan to vist and also experienced guides to show you around as well. In Peru you will find plenty of opportunities for excitement:, hiking, wildlife viewing, surfing and more.

Choose your interest or your family interests and let us work on a program that will suit you all. We'd love to see what we could do for your family.

We tailor made the program according to your interests :

if you prefer your vacation to consist of less excitement, that can be arranged too.

beach yoga-1

If you are a group of female friends we have programs designed 4Women

 For more information Contact us

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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