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Peruvian Chocolate: ChocoMuseo in Cusco

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Oct 1, 2018 8:07:00 AM



Each year, millions of tourists from all over the world come to Peru to see its breathtaking natural beauty and immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage.

However, if you think the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Coricancha, and Sacsayhuamán are the only things to do in Cusco, you’re wrong.

If you love chocolate, you can’t make a trip to Cusco and miss the ChocoMuseo.

For hundreds of years, Peru has cultivated cacao, making it one of the finest chocolate producers in the world. Its distinctive flavor makes it one of the most recognizable chocolates in the world. One of the rarest varieties of cacao bean was even discovered in Peru. Almost a decade ago, the most prized variety of cacao, the Nacional, was found in the hidden mountain valley of the Marañón River in Northern Peru. In fact, cacao is believed to have originated in the Amazon rainforests.

The ChocoMuseo is an interactive place where you will learn the fascinating history of cacao in Peru, including fun facts and secrets behind their origins and production. You will find artisanal chocolate that is prepared right from the cacao bean straight from the cacao tree. You will find chocolate candies in all shapes and colors – from chocolate truffles to chocolate-covered marshmallows to chocolate jams to chocolate liqueurs.



ChocoMuseo Activities

When you attend the Bean to Bar Workshop, you get cacao beans right from the cacao tree in the jungle and learn the whole chocolate-making process. You’ll have the pleasure to prepare and try drinks like the Maya and Conquistadores used to. You can customize and handmake your own chocolates to take home to your family and friends. You’ll also learn the unique history of Peru’s cacao and the origin of its chocolate.

The Bean to Bar Workshop lasts 2 hours, and your handmade chocolates are available for pick-up an hour later. The workshops are available in English and Spanish. However, if you’re in a hurry, the Mini Chocolate Workshop is only 45 minutes long. It’s perfect if you’re with kids. The workshop is short and easy. You make chocolates with your choice of milk or dark chocolate and more than 15 different flavorings.

And if you’re a true chocolate-lover, you will love the Truffle Workshop where you will learn the technique of ganache and shelled bonbons. And after an hour, you get to go home with six chocolate truffles and six filled chocolates.

You’ll also enjoy the Free Museum where you can stay as long as you want. The museum is 100% free, and you get to see and touch real cacao beans and pods. Don’t be shy to ask the staff any questions you have about cacao and chocolate. They’ll be happy to teach you about the whole process of chocolate production – from harvest to transformation.

ChocoMuseo Cusco Locations

Cusco is home to not just one ChocoMuseo, but two, In Lima you can find 2 in Miraflores area and another in it´s downtown.

If you would like to include a visit while in Cusco or Lima please Contact us


Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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