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Peru Surf Spots: Chicama and Huanchaco

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Aug 30, 2017 10:49:10 AM

Peru Surf Spots Chicama and Huanchaco.png

With what seems like a countless number of rock reef waves and sand points from one end of the Peru to the other, this beautiful country offers something for every surfer at every level. Its 1,000 km coastline boasts consistent Pacific swell.

After Brazil, Peru is the second most visited surf destination for surfers in South America. The waves are world-renowned. The longest left-handed wave in the world can be found in Chicama. And Huanchaco has been well-loved by for being a surfing spot for at least two millennia.


Known as the longest surfable wave on Earth, Chicama offers a 2.2 km ride with excellent barrels and long walls. The ride is so long that you could potentially surf a single wave for over 2 and a half minutes. Junior World Champion, Cristobal de Col, performed a staggering 34 maneuvers in Chicama during the Red Bull Challenge Chicama at the World Surfing Games.

Located about 300 miles from Lima, Chicama is all about the long left sand bottom points. Chicama is also known as Puerto Malabrigo and is a small village about 90 km north of Trujillo. To get there, make sure you don’t confuse it for the actual city of Chicama. Just catch a flight from Lima to Trujillo, then a bus from Trujillo to Puerto Malabrigo and you’ll find yourself ready to surf the world’s longest left.   


Sunset in Chicama Beach

With the prevailing winds often blowing offshore, the swells have become more organized when they reach this far north. Chicama picks up any southerly or westerly direction, mostly on the SW between April and October. The area can produce waves rideable for a quarter of a mile if the swell is big enough. During smaller swells, Chicama point will pick up good waves on the tip.


Chicama may have its legendary wave, but it’s Huanchaco that’s renowned for being the birthplace of surfing. Huanchaco is the home of the Totora reed Caballito riders who are believed to be the world’s first surfers. Fishermen have been riding the surf home back to shore when the day’s catch is done at this spot for the last 2,000 years.

Today’s surfers love Huanchaco for its comfortable and consistent waves. Exposed to all swells, there aren't any cliffs on the headland in Huanchaco. This makes its set-up more reef break style and more open to being blown out. It has a very long pointbreak about 500m that breaks into about 3 different sections. It picks up plenty of swell and makes for an incredible ride - fat, hollow, or fast, depending on where you are on the wave.


Reed Sea Horse in Huanchaco Bay

Just like if you were headed to Chicama, you could start from Trujillo. Simply look for the big red or yellow buses that say “Huanchaco” on them. It’s just a 20-minute ride from Trujillo center, and you’ll find yourself ready to surf the same waters that fisherman have been surfing for over 2000 years.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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