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Peru, destination for Foodies - Discover Peru Gastronomy

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Mar 14, 2017 11:29:24 AM


If you consider yourself a foodie, #Peru is the place to come. We have a great mixture of cultures in our cuisine.

Located in South America and due its peculiar geography - The combination of sea and mountains - #Peru has different ecosystems and this means that different kind of products are grown here.

With over 500 hundred varieties of potatoes to begin with, and wirh a very rich sea that offers alll types of fish and sea food, you can find an exquisite gastronomy though the country. Every place has a local typical dish prepared with the products that are produced locally : Lima with the famous Ceviche or the Lomo Saltado (Top tenderloin served with sautéed tomato wedges and onions, fries and criollo rice).

In the South : #Arequipa with the Rocoto Relleno (Stuffed Rocoto) or Chupe de Camarones (Traditional homemade Peruvian soup made of shrimp and yellow chili peppers, potatoes, egg, milk, and fresh Andean green herbs. In #Cusco the Cerdo al horno (Meat roast suckling pig or pork with bone, washed, seasoned and get to marinate with salt, pepper, ground red pepper, vinegar, beer or soy and aji panca and cooked in the oven) or the Olluquito con charqui (Olluco is type of tuberculo that is cooked with dried meat - usually from Llama)


In #NorthernPeru ; Chiclayo : Arroz con Pato (Rice with duck or Chiclayo style duck, is originally from the 19th century. It is considered a dish from pre Hispanic of the moche culture. It arises from the mixture of Spanish and quechua meal.It is prepared by a mixture of oil, salt, garlic, onion, pepper, herbs, hot pepper, salt and cilantro. It is common to add in preparing a cup of beer or chicha de jora) or Seco de Cabrito (Baby goat meat macerated with chicha de jora, salt, pepper, cumin, chopped garlic and mirasol chili, loche pumpkin, panca chili and and cilantro. Served with a portion of rice, boiled Yucca and beans.

All meals have a history , and you can discover it as you enjoy the food. Also you can visit the most important archaeological sites in the country

From #Lima you have plenty of flights to go to #Cusco, #Arequipa, #Puerto Maldonado, #Trujillo, #Chiclayo, #Cajamarca, and many more cities.

Feel free to let us know your main interest in food and archaeological sites and we will tailor made the program especially design for you and your friends and family.

We have a team of experts that will help you organize your whole trip

or if you prefer your vacation to consist only in cooking classes, that can be arranged too

Get ready to discover #Peru gastronomy and culture

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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