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Lake Junin


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Discover Junín in Central Andes of Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Sep 28, 2016 5:26:27 PM

Discoverer Junin in Central Andes

#Peru is a land of wonders and it is a special place for birwatchers as 1/5 of the total species you find in the world are found here. They can be endemic or species that migrate from different places in different times/seasons.

I quote John O´Neill from Lousinana State University Museum of Natural Science : "...#Peru is one of the most fascinating countries in the world for birders..."

Among the not so known areas for birding is Junin, a town in Central Andes of #Peru, capital of the province Junin in the region Junin.

It is is the spot of news related to sports as Raúl Pacheco and Gladys Tejeda, both Olympic marathon runners in Rio 2016, were born here.

Junín offers natural landscapes, archaeology, and bird watching to its visitors

One of the most important places is Lake Junin (who-neen;) (Lago Junín, was named after the nearby town of Junin ).  It is also called Chinchayqucha (Quechua chincha, chinchay north, northern, chinchay ocelot, qucha lake, lagoon, "northern lake" or "ocelot lake", . When Spaniards came they switch the spelling to Chinchaycocha) and it  is the largest lake entirely within Peruvian territory. Even though Lake Titicaca has a much larger area, its eastern half is located on Bolivian territory. Lake Junin is an important birdwatching destination in the country.

Hillary Ojeda wrote the following article for PeruThisWeek -

National Reserve of Junín to offer night visits

The National Reserve of Junín is announcing plans to offer night visits to promote experiencing the unique sight of the lake at night, where the moon is reflected in magnificent clarity.

The head of the reserve, Ronald Medrano, told Andina news agency that the sight is best in the coming months.

“The idea is to provide tourist alternatives and we are going to make nightly visits to a mirror of the lake which is located at the head of the Central Andes at 4,100 meters above sea level, where it is perfectly observed in the sky in July and in August, months when there are good conditions,” said Medrano.

If that doesn’t impress visitors, the reserve will be providing telescopes to view the night sky at a more personal and up-close level. And for those interested in wildlife, Medrano informed that the reserve is a prime spot for bird watching enthusiasts.

Bird species regularly seen in the area include the Junín Grebe, black-breasted hummingbird, the pampero, the Andean miner, the canastero of Junín, and the Gallineta negra.

Peru was officially named the number 1 location for bird watching, according to results by the “Global Big Day” event held on May 9, 2015..

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Photo by Thomas Valqui 

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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