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Cajamarca Carnival

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jan 26, 2017 9:55:35 AM


In February many carnivals take place along in Peru, but none as cheerful as Cajamarca.one

Cajamarca is known as the Capital of the Peruvian Carnival as it has a quite extensive program of presentations, allegories, dances and music throughout the city. Their colorful costumes, masks and dances will attract attention to all visitors as well as their traditional dances such as the cilulo, the gavilancito or the lizard.

Every year it gathers more than 60,000 visitors between Peruvian and foreigners. The highlight will be the expected election of Miss Carnival, Festival of the Urpo, Competition Comparsas and Patrols, the Grand Carnival Corso and the vigil and burial ceremony of Ño Carnavalon.

When Ño Carnavalon, central character of the carnival, enter the city then it begins the joy and excitement that will live throughout the carnival. People go out with paintings on hand to paint the rest for spreading joy, as part of the celebration.

Cajamarca has neighborhoods that are organized in patrols and are conformed by youth troupes, these patrols dance throughout the city. Some of the traditional neighborhoods of Cajamarca are San Sebastian, San Pedro, La Merced, Dos de Mayo, Santa Elena, San Jose and Pueblo Nuevo.

If your visit Cajamarca during this season you will experience the joy and traditions . Usually people eat mutton or pork, parboiled soup and eat some home made bread. Capuli fruit, peanuts are consumed among other products. All accompanied by classical drinks like chicha and rum.

The carnival ends with the burial of Ño Carnavalon, where will be cremated in the midst of a farewell, until next year.

Visit Cajamarca during the month of February and get a great travel experience.


Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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