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A house with history in Trujillo

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jun 16, 2017 8:35:00 PM

Emancipation House in Trujillo

The House of Emancipation in Trujillo is part of the history and the independence of Peru

Over  a thousand persons visits it annually and due the importance it has in part o fthe history it has become into a cultural and tourist center and one of the "must to visit" places in Trujillo.

Originally known as Rosell Urquiaga House or House of the Windows, It was the headquarter of the first constituent congress and palace of President Riva Agüero and also.it was here where Jose Torre Tagle proclaimed the independence of Trujilloin 1820.. It is important  as Trujillo is  the  first Peru city to complete the process of emancipation.

In its facade highlight its great cover and barred windows with vintage designs and carved wooden balconies, which is characteristic of the houses in the historic center of Trujillo. It has a high historical value.

The first room is dedicated to poet Cesar Vallejo, consisting of over 150 titles, which  is considered as one of the most important collections of this Peruvian poet.

The second room is dedicated to the bishop Baltazar Martinez Compañón, who captured in 9 volumes the codex "Truxillo of Peru", a work dedicated to its voyage of 3 years to 13 provinces, full of pastoral information of XVIII century..

It is currently administered by a major bank that maintains and preserves and, it is the place for temporary exhibitions of plastic arts, photography, sculpture and others.

Its doors are open freely to the public sothat it can be appreciated in all its splendor.



Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Trujillo, Local Traditions and Culture, northern peru

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