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8 Reasons to Book with InkaNatura Travel

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jun 16, 2016 6:41:10 PM


#Peru is  the destination for once in a lifetime inspirational journey that combines Peru´s ancestral cultures and exceptional wildlife seeking to offer an unforgetable experience.

When you book a tour with InkaNatura Travel, you know that you are dealing with a reputable, licensed company in #Peru. We are committed to providing the best advice, competent service and accommodation according to your budget making holiday trip to #Peru worth it.

All clients are special for us and we are prepared to offer a unique experience. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with a personalized service before during and after your travel arrangements.



1.-  Rainforest Conservation

InkaNatura Travel is the only leading tour operator in #Peru owned by a nonprofit conservation group, Peru Verde.  

Our work is part of Peru Verde's  overall strategy to protect the country's unique cultural and biological diversity. InkaNatura contributes heavily to the maintenance of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites while at the same time treating local people with respect and dignity. 

Peru Verde is experimenting with different models of ecotourism development, including lodges 100% owned by nonprofit conservation groups to mixed ventures between nonprofits and local clans or families but marketed byPeru Verde's travel agencies. We are the only nonprofit group in Peru that owns for-profit travel agencies, and the only goal of these agencies is to generate tourist movement in the jungle lodges in our system. All of Peru Verde's profits from these lodges are used entirely in conservation work.

2.- Conservation Projects

When your purchase any of the programs we offer you are helping in the maintenance of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites.

Your are helping also in our children`s educational assistance programme that sets together progressive efforts and initiatives designed for the purpose of engaging Chontachaca Community (northern neighbors of “Bosque Nublado” Private Conservation Area). Our work focused on awakening awareness on population towards issues related environmental issues, protection of biodiversity, sustainable use of their natural resources and also the spreading of ethical and moral values as well as encouraging personal growth, motivation and self-esteem.

We would like to express our greatest gratitude to all of the travel agents who work with us abroad and understand the importance of conservation efforts and social responsibility. Also we must manifest a most special recognition to You; thanks for your kind visit to our different Eco-Lodges, we are able to develop an important interaction with the neighboring communities and also keep running different conservation projects.



Peru Verde conservation

3- Our Expert Knowledge

We have been organizing tours since 1996 and we believe we have learned through the years, how to create special holiday experiences for you, your family and friends.

A #Peru holiday is already an inspirational and exceptional destination and we offer our expert advice and good planning.

Travelling well is an art and if you have a tailor-made designed journeys by our experts to suit your interests, the experience will be unforgettable.

We believe in low-impact tourism and are committed to helping preserve and protect the natural environment in the protected areas we visit.

If you are a travel agent interested in being a Conservation Partner selling our travel packages please Contact us

4.-#Peru is an exceptional destination

#Peru has been chosen as a destination for its natural beauty, exceptional wildlife experiences and for its cultural authenticity, and you can not forget for its gastronomy.

#Peru offers  amazing wildlife in Tambopata or Manu Parks, the historic and cultural richness of #NorthernPeru. Our programs cover some of Peru´s most special places. You will find plenty of inspiration in #Peru

5.- Tailor-Made programs

Our staff of specialists in tailor-made travel will custom-designed the holiday travel program to suit your requirements.

You don´t need to be tied to a set group tour or a set itinerary. Our experienced staff can help you design your own individualized holiday.

Exploring at your own pace, choosing your own style of accommodation, and including your own choice of sightseeing and activities will make the holiday travel the perfect trip for you, your family and friends.

As for nature lovers, a walk through the rainforest or waiting at a clay lick to observe animals in their natural habitats, Manu will be their "dream destination".

For persons interested in archaeology and history #NorthernPeru is the destination where you will discover many cultures and interesting discoveries such as Kuelap that can only be compared with Machu Picchu in a different context in history.

Just think in an activity you like and we will find a spot for you to visit. From a relaxing beach in #NorthernPeru to high adrenaline adventure in Cusco, you will discover the country your own way.

6.- Best Quality Services

We are prepared to arrange all aspects of your holiday from the moment you arrive in #Peru. Our local partners are experts, and are carefully chosen by us for their high standard of professionalism and knowledge.

In the event of problems happening whilst you are away, such as late or cancelled flights, you can call us or our reputable ground operators. We are contactable on land lines, mobile, toll free numbers and email.

 WhatsApp 51 971 427 346

7.- Best Hotels in Peru

We are 100% independent and you can choose from a wide selection of our recommended accommodation options from 5 star to boutique hotels, wildlife lodges, including homestays.

8.- Our Special Partner For Air Tickets : EXITO TRAVEL

For domestic flights, we suggest to contact Exito Travel, a wholesaler based in United States. They are familiar with our operations and are used to book flights for our clients according to their respective itineraries. When booking your tickets, please provide them the information on your trip itinerary and they will do all the necessary bookings. If you book with a different agency this may lead to some logistic problems as it is important that the group travels together on the same planes. 

All tickets issued in Peru are subject to 18% sales taxes but if you purchase thetickets through Exito Travel, no taxes are charged.  You can make all the arrangement directly with them.

Contact                     Exito Travel

You give them the flights you need and they will give you a good deal for flights

We are waiting to hear from you and begin organizing your travel Experience in #Peru


Photos by Beto Santillan

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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