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10 Tips When Planning a Trip to Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Feb 9, 2019 7:30:00 AM


Peruvian Gastronomy

Peru is a country full of different attractions and activities to enjoy. It is a country that offers history, nature, archaeology, gastronomy due the different cultures that developed during the differet stages of history,

Its people have different ways of thinking and it makes in some way difficult to have all of them think the same way.

At InkaNatura Travel we can not guarantee there will not be any unexpected issues that may take place thay may lead you to experience a trip with some inconveniences rather that a smooth trip. You have to bear in mind that to prepare a nice dressing you need salt and pepper which makes it tasteful. This is the same with tourism, with over 20 years of experience we can offer instead a nice trip full of experiences and when this issues (the pepper) happens we will organize the trip in a way that we will protect you and avoid any risks.


Gocta Waterfall, Amazonas

The whole planning process before the trip is one of the best parts of travelling. I’ve even read that the planning and researching is almost as good for you as the actual holiday. Something about it prolonging the joy and excitement of it, but then again I think that reading comments of  travelers id the most credible source. But either way, it is damn exciting and I want you to experience that too!

But how do you even know where to go first?! I mean, the world is massive and even if you choose just one country it could have a huge variety of different things to see.

The idea is to just keep it light and fun. Don’t make it so hard for yourself that you’re over it before you’ve even left. There are 10 questions you need to ask yourself before you try to pick a country, these will help narrow the options down for you.

1. How much time do you have?

How much time do you have away from work? Or, if you’re already travelling, how much time do you have to spare before the next destination? Don’t forget to factor in a day or two for jet lag allowance if you’re travelling to a really different timezone.

The less time you have to play with the less time you should spend travelling to get there. Think about what places are nearby or what is easy to get to. You want to spend as little time as possible on transport and more time doing what you love.

 Machu Picchu trek

2. What kind of travel do you enjoy?

Everyone will have a different definition of an enjoyable holiday. Do you want to trek up to base camp or spend a week hiking to Machu Picchu? Maybe you’d prefer to spend the summer partying at every music festival you can find near your hometown. Or does lying on the beach with a cool refresh in hand sound more appealing?

Every answer is the right answer and you just have to decide which feel best for you at this time. Think about your ideal getaway, do you see yourself being relaxed, social or adventurous?

3. What’s your preference: travel fast or slow?

Do you like taking your time to explore all the hidden treasures of each place or do you thrive on moving around a lot and seeing as much as you can? Both options are awesome so long as that’s what you enjoy. Be realistic and honest with yourself because you are the one that needs to have fun, no one else can tell you how your holiday ‘should’ be.


Horseback ride around Cusco

4. What culture are you drawn to?

Have you been trying to learn a language? Do you love a particular cuisine? Is there a country’s history that you’re mesmerised by? What’s the first place or region that comes to mind?

You might have a hundred different places you think of, see if you can find a common theme in a few of those.

5. Are you flexible on dates?

If not, have a look at the best times of the year to do the things you want to do. The perfect season usually means peak time with more tourists and higher prices. If you’re only going for one specific reason then accept the downsides of peak season but appreciate that you’ll most likely get to do what you went there for. For example, hike to Machu Picchu won’t be so successful in February as it is closed.

If your are planning a hiking trip to Machu Picchu you need to plan ahead of time and be flexible as not many spots area available and you need to decide fast. Spots run out very fast

Kaity in Machu PIcchu
Machu Picchu

Do some research and see what other people have recommended as the best time to go for various activities. See if you can visit out of season and still do what you want. There is definitely a beauty to going when most people don’t want to.

6. Are you flexible with locations?

One of the coolest towns ever (Sacred Valley, Cusco) offers a variety of experiences, from classic touring to 150% adrenaline activities including the skylodge (glass rooms hanging from cliff). By being flexible with where we were going to go we were able to experience a place you had probably never had considered before.

Peru 2009 271

Titicaca Lake

Another nice spots are : Colca Canyon where you can see condors and the villages clinging from cliffs, or sharing time with a local family in Titicaca Lake and being part of family activity

7. Which season do you prefer?

Our motto is ‘Conservation through Tourism.” meaning that part of the profit goes to conservation projects Peru Verde develops in Peruvian Amazon (Manu & Tambopata areas)


Manu Clay LIck Project in Manu Wildlife Center

A wise idea is to have clothing that can be easily cleaned so you will not have to carry lots of clothing. There is special lightweight clothing that fits into hand luggage easily. 

Think about what would be the most enjoyable season for you then check where in the world you need to be to get that ideal season.

6. What can you afford/what are you willing to spend?

Cost can be a big deciding factor for choosing a destination... you need to consider air tickets prices that vary depending on the seaosn you travel.  You just need to consider these costs before you get too carried away with planning. Spending hours sucked into Expedia, Orbitz, or any of the other booking engines lolooking for the best prices for the flights. A wiser idea is to have a reliable agne to assit you in booking all flights with good deals. 

We strongly suggest to contact Exito TravelYou give them the flights you need and they will give you a good deal for flights (international and internal flights)

Also creating boards of everything you want to see is considered getting carried away. There are many ways to travel cheaper (read here, here and here) but you have to know that sometimes going for a cheaper options means that you need to pay for extra expenses.

A wiser idea is to work with a travel agent that can tailor made the program for you and that knows the best season for the different areas you want to visit in the country and also is able to suggest the best combination and the route to avoid extra days. Not all cities have direct connection with others.

8. Who are you travelling with? 

Depending on who you’re going with could determine your whole itinerary. Are you meeting up with friends or family or travelling with your kids? Is it just you and your partner or are you heading solo?

catmaran sll 2-1

Catamaran in Sandoval Lake

You need to know where your travel buddies even want to go, or see if your choices are limited based on where they can go. Travelling with your boyfriend or son in his 20s will require many different considerations to travelling with a baby.

10. What does your heart tell you?

Everyone has a ‘dream location or activity’ in their mind, unfortunately, the more you travel the more you find! But when you really think about it, what country is calling your name? Where can you see yourself having the most fun?

Research about that place first above all the other factors listed. You may just find the perfect day to get there

The good news is that you can find a wide variety of activities and lovely location in Peru.... find out out about our destination

For further information or assitance to organize a trip Contact us

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Travel & Adventure, Ecotourism, trekking in Peru, Conservation

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