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It is well known that the Incas was a culture that excelled for their ability to create a connecting route through all the Inca Empire among many other skills they had. This route is known as the Qhapaq Ñan or The Inca road system and has been considered as the most extensive and highly advanced transportation system in pre-Columbian South America.



The Inca Trail is trend of ways that connected the Inca Empire and there are routes that are an alternative when the Classic Route is sold out as the regulations are different from the Classic ones.

It is important to mention that in the routes they had they created the "Tambos" - circular constructions that held food and water for the travelers and a roof to protect them against the always changing weather. in the Andes.

Despite that dry season runs from May to October or November (which is the best seasons for trekking) you mus remember that sometimes you have cold fronts during this time of  the year

The rainy season goes from December through April. Nevertheless, in the forested fringes of the Amazon basin where Machu Picchu lies, showers are not uncommon at any time of year. Therefore rain pants and jacket are essential gear that should always be in your daypack.

Daytime temperatures can vary greatly, from about 10ºC/50ºF to 28ºC/82ºF with night time temperatures from 10ºC/50ºF down to around 0ºC/32ºF, though seldom much lower.

Alternative Treks:

Alternative treks that include a full day visit to Machu Picchu

flechafrentegreen.gif Huchyq´Osqo     (2 days & 1 night in Machu Picchu)

This Trek begins with an spectacular view of Sacred Valley of the Incas, crossing mountain passes, Andean communities and offering a large array of local flora and fauna. An excellent and less-beaten hike complemented with a visit to Machu Picchu.

flechafrentegreen.gif Huchyq´Osqo     (3 days & 1 night camping + 1 night in Machu Picchu)

After 2 days exploring the complex and trhe surrounding andean villages you will enjoy a night in Machu PIcchu and a full day excursion to the fabled "Lost CIty of the Incas"

flechafrentegreen.gif Weavers Trek : Lares and Patacancha (4 days & 2 nights camping + 1 night in Sacred Valley)

This program allows you to visit interesting places like Lares and the andean communities of Patacancha and Willoq before arrive to Ollantaytambo where you will spend a night and then takes the train to visit Machu Picchu.

flechafrentegreen.gif Inca Quarry Trail  (4 days & 3 nights camping)

From the Sacred Valley to the Inca quarries of Cachicata and Machu Picchu During this cultural trek you will observe astonishing variety of scenery and ecological zones, sow-capped peaks, archaeological remains, the Inca quarries of Cachicata finishing in Machu Picchu.

flechafrentegreen.gif Salkantay Trek     ( 5 days & 3 nights camping + 1 night in Machu Picchu)

During this trek you will admire diverse highlights that include: beautiful landscapes and snow-capped peaks (Mt Salkantay), Andean farms and some Inca remains finishing in Qente. Then you will catch the train to visit the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

flechafrentegreen.gif Choquequirao to Machu Picchu      ( 7 days & 5 nights camping + 1 night in Machu Picchu)

A breathtaking trek from Choquequirao "The Craddle of Gold" to Machu PIcchu. two of the most spectacular and enigmatic Inca archaeological sites.. During the trek you will cross some of the most inaccessible valleys and incredible mountain scenery

Alternative treks that DO NOT include a visit to Machu PIcchu

flechafrentegreen.gif  Magic Route of Andean Condor Full day tour

   Full day experience that will allow you to see  the Andean Condor  in its natural environment,     
   Archaeological sites, typical flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes

flechafrentegreen.gif  Huchuyq´Osqo  Full day tour

Located in the Sacred Valley you cross ecological levels such as quechua, suni and puna, with their characteristic flora and fauna.This trek takes 8 hours approximately.

flechafrentegreen.gif Huchyq´Osqo (2 days & 1 night camping)

Located in the Sacred Valley you will have 2 full days to explore the typical andean vilages that surround the arcaheological complex and you will spend 1 night camping close to the site.

flechafrentegreen.gif Vinicunca (or Rainbow Mountain) route (2 days & 1 night camping)

Trek the gorgeous Ausangate Circuit, famous for breathtaking natural scenery, such as glaciers, enormous peaks, turquoise lakes, and grazing alpacas. Spend 2 days and 1 night in the pristine, high altitude Andes. Great views of Apu Ausangate, covered in enormous glaciers, colorful lakes, and Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca, a multicolored peak among equally colorful hillsides and boarderd by steep snowcapped peaks. You will spend 1 night under incredibly starry skys, with camping included.

flechafrentegreen.gif Choquequirao trek (5 days & 4 nights)

This trek will allow you to visit the canyon of the Apurimac river where you will discover Choquequirao that means "Cradle of Gold", an amazing archaeological site made by the Incas.

flechafrentegreen.gif Ausangate route (5 days & 4 nights camping).

From the Sacred Valley to the turquoise waters of Ausangatecocha and Machu Picchu High altitude trek, never lower than 4000 m above sea level and replete with breathtaking vistas. A rigorous, remote, yet a cultural rich outdoor experience, this mountain circuit is a timeless pilgrimage.

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