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InkaNatura Travel is the only leading tour operator in Peru owned by Peru Verde a nonprofit conservation group.  



InkaNatura Travel Peru has been established 18 March 1996, in Lima, Peru where our main office is located. We also have local offices in Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado.

As part of our strategy we respect human rights providing good working conditions to our staff and treating local people with respect and dignity.

InkaNatura Travel´s  tailor made tour programs are designed based on our combined experiences support and our ability to deliver high quality vacations in the coast, highland and Peru´s amazon areas. 

Our major customers  are English Speaking tourists and World Wide Tour Companies abroad that have been using our services for a long period.
We are commited to take care of enviroment and our main aim is to do biodiversity and enviroment conservation in each area we operate. All our products are related to natural conservation areas and part of the profit goes to the funds that Peru Verde uses to preserve these ecosystems.
Our work team has the company support that provides easiness and benefits in order to contribute en their training to ensure the quality of services provided. We want that our guests enjoy a unique unforgettable customized experience that exceed their expectations complying and respecting the rules and legal requirements.
We consider that the "key" in our qualiuty policy is our continuous improvment. InkaNatura Travel has an Integrated Management System that allows us to permanently evaluate our services that we provide to our Guests through the Quality Indicators that is undoubtedly ourmost valuable source of information for our Continuous Improvement.

* Comply and respect the rules and legal requirements that apply our services and operations.
* Provide easiness and benefits to our collaborators in their personal growth.
* Guarantee the quality of all of the services we provided based in our Continuous Improvement.
* Guarantee the satisfaction of our guests expectations.
* Minimize and control enviromental impact that our operations and services may cause.

Our work as a Leading Tour Operator in Peru, is part of Peru Verde's overall strategy to protect the country's unique cultural and biological diversity. InkaNatura Travel contributes heavily to the maintenance of enviroment, national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites always respectful with the biodiversity of each area.

As part of InkaNatura Travel´s mission we guarantee professional and personalized customer care by our highly motivated team. Strengthening with closer relationship to Local & World Wide Tour Companies as well as to independent travelers, Adapting modern Information Technology. and Innovatively creating new products. We work with highly skilled & professional staff. 

Peru Verde is experimenting with different models of ecotourism development, including lodges 100% owned by nonprofit conservation groups to mixed ventures between nonprofits and local clans or families but marketed by Peru Verde's  travel agencies. We are the only nonprofit group in Peru that owns for-profit travel agencies, and the only goal of these agencies is to generate tourist movement in the jungle lodges in our system. All of Peru Verde's  profits from these lodges are used entirely in conservation work.

InkaNatura Travel moto is conservation through tourism.


Our vision is to share the passion we feel for our country, the diversity of cultures, archaeological sites, festivities & traditions, including the exceptional wilderness and wildlife in Peru.



Children`s Educational Assistance Programme - Heath River Center
Reality in the border between Peru and Bolivia is hard. A neglected school system and extremely difficult access reduces people’s options dramatically, therefore their survival traduces on a direct impact on the forest and its resource. Through our project new criteria’s of the use of land and skills are being challenged to students and their families. For 2013 we have a reforestation program and also a team of Bolivian professionals working directly with the Community in order to awake environmental awareness.
Macaw Conservation Project - Manu Wildlife Center
Serious deforestation has made reproduction of macaws a struggle. The project consists in placing artificial nests in areas affected by deforestation and illegal logging, therefore, compensating the lack of natural spaces for nesting. For several years this work has been performed with very successful results. Currently, field monitoring allows us to evidence the repeated use of these nests by different couples of macaws.
Conservation in Heath River Wildlife Center #Monitoring Nature
The very first official record of the Manned Wolf at Pampas of Heath (Bolivia)! The images recorded by four different “trap cameras” contained also many pictures of the noble tapir, the elusive swamp deer, troops and troops of peccaries, lonely ant eaters and strangely, a curious first angle of an eagle… The analysis of this investigation will lead us to develop a conservation plan for the entire area and understand better some of the least know species of this part of the World.
Education & School Improvement at the Peruvian Cloud Forest
Sets together progressive efforts and initiatives designed for the purpose of engaging Chontachaca Community (northern neighbors of “Bosque Nublado” Private Conservation Area). Our work focused on awakening awareness on population towards issues related environmental issues, protection of biodiversity, sustainable use of their natural resources and also the spreading of ethical and moral values as well as encouraging personal growth, motivation and self-esteem.

Corl-to-cert IN-2018-1-SPA
Rainforest Alliance Verification: 
The Rainforest Alliance Verified mark communicates a business' commitment to reducing its environmental impact and is awarded to tourism and certain forestry enterprises and projects that meet criteria developed (or endorsed) by the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and improve livelihoods by promoting and evaluating the implementation of the most globally respected sustainability standards in a variety of fields.

We are Rainforest Alliance Verified in two of our lodges: Sandoval Lake Lodge and Cock of the Rock Lodge. This means we are committed in developing sustainable tourism!
System Implementation Best Practices - SABP 
System through which the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism - MINCETUR gives recognition to tourism service providers applying best practices manuals (MBP), developing and successfully complying with each of the phases.

Inkanatura Travel has successfully participated in the System Implementation Best Practices - SABP during 2013 and 2015, deserving a recognition granted by MINCETUR.  

Certificate of Excellence: Sandoval Lake Lodge 
The Certificate of Excellence award is given to outstanding hospitality businesses that have received praise and recognition in reviews by Trip Advisor travelers. We have received in 2013, 2015 & 2018 a Certificate of Excellence for Sandoval Lake Lodge.

As an independet traveler when you book your tours directly with us you will experience the Best Peru Tours and you will be helping in the maintenance of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites.
Your are helping also in our children`s educational assistance programme that sets together progressive efforts and initiatives designed for the purpose of engaging Chontachaca Community (northern neighbors of “Bosque Nublado” Cloud Forest Private Conservation Area). Our work focused on awakening awareness on population towards issues related environmental issues, protection of biodiversity, sustainable use of their natural resources and also the spreading of ethical and moral values as well as encouraging personal growth, motivation and self-esteem.
We would like to express our greatest gratitude to all of the travel agents who work with us abroad and understand the importance of conservation efforts and social responsibility. Also we must manifest a most special recognition to YOU; thanks for your kind visit to our different Eco-Lodges, we are able to develop an important interaction with the neighboring communities and also keep running different conservation projects.
For further information on volunteer work you can contact Peru Verde and about traveling to Peru feel free to Contact us
As for payment of the tour programs we offer, we accept credit cards (American Express, Mastercard & Visa) or payments direct to our bank account.
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