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Three extraordinary, contiguous Amazon reserves lay only a 30-minute flight from Cusco: Tambopata National Reserve, National Park Bahuaja Sonene and the great Tambopata Madidi Wilderness located on the Peru-Bolivia border. Taken together, these parks are two-thirds the size of Costa Rica and protect the most species-rich natural habitats in the world (January 1994 and March 2000 cover stories, National Geographic Magazine). No other company can offer you as much wildlife viewing in the greater Tambopata-Madidi region.

The Heath River features the world's most accessible large macaw lick, which has registered up to 260 large macaws in one day, making it one of the five largest recorded macaw licks in the world. Though all five of these licks are spectacular, the Heath Lick is by far the most economical to visit, making it ideal for a short Amazon itinerary to combine with the Inca sites of Cusco and Machu Picchu. The Heath lick is the only one of the five that can be reached the same day that you fly by jet from Cusco, thus saving one or two nights over other licks.

Rainfall in the Tambopata Reserve is around 2500 – 3500 millimeters per year, with most rainfall occurring in the rainy season months from November to April. The average temperature in the National Reserve is 28° C (82° F), with daily highs of 34° C (94° F) and nightly lows of 22° C (72° F). During the dry season cold fronts from the South Atlantic (friajes) occur every month or so, with daily temperatures dropping as low as 16° C (59° F) and nightly temperatures to 13° C (55° F). Best season to travel: Late March through December.

A daily commercial flight from Lima (2 hours) and Cusco (30 minutes) brings you to Puerto Maldonado, a bustling frontier town and the gateway to the Tambopata National Reserve. Here one of our staff will meet you as you leave the airport arrivals area, and will remain with you until you return to the airport to board your flight back to Cusco or Lima.

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Travel Time
Lodge Facilities
Nature Attractions
Puerto Maldonado daily flight form / to Lima and Cusco, Recomemended airline: Lan Peru, Motorcanoe, walk
From Puerto Maldonado, 30 min motorcanoe + 1h (3km/2mi) forest stroll + 30min lake paddle
25 SCREENED rooms w/private bathroom, Dinning Room, Bar, Hamm-ock area (screened), Trails Boutique, Library
Oxbow Lake, 7 species of monkeys, giant otters
Puerto Maldonado daily flight form / to Lima and Cusco, Recommended airline; Lan Peru, Then Motorcaoe
From Puerto Maldonado, 2.5h on Madre de Dios River & 2-3hours on narrow Heath River.
10 SCREENED rooms w/private bathroom, dinning Room, Bar, Hamm-ock area (screened), Trails
Macaw Clay Lick, Mammal Lick, 7 species if monkeys PLUS acrobatic, spectacular Black Spider Monkeys, Savnnah, possibility to see Jaguar.

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