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By far the richest, most extraordinary biological transect in the Peruvian Amazon, or the world, starts in Cusco and runs northeast by road and river to the great Manu Wilderness.

Manu offers by far the greatest quantity and diversity of animals and plants in the world. No other destination in Peru or beyond can compare with Manu Nowhere else can you enjoy a superbly intact transect of tropical habitats from Andean grasslands and cloud forests down to foothill and lowland forests.
Manu boasts the highest bird, mammal, and plant diversity of any park on Earth, including 1,000 of the world's 9,700 bird species, 200 species of mammals, and 15,000 species of flowering plants. The most photogenic spectacles are frolicking Giant Otters, 1,000 parrots and macaws at a riverbank clay lick, dancing Cocks-of-the-Rock, habituated monkeys, and huge Lowland Tapirs at a forest clay lick.

One of our lodges, Manu Wildlife Center currently offers the world's finest viewing of this exclusive animal, which elsewhere is harder to see even than the Jaguar, which also is a frequent sight in Manu.
Rainfall in the Manu Lowlands is around 2500-3500 millimeters/98-138 inches per year, with most rainfall occurring in the rainy season months from November to April. The average temperature in the Manu lowlands is 28°C (82°F), with daily highs of 34°C (93°F) and nightly lows of 22°C (72°F). During the dry season cold fronts from the South Atlantic (friajes) occur once every month or so, with daily temperatures dropping to 15°C (59°F) and nightly temperatures to 13°F (55°F).

Best season to travel: Late March through December.
Some of the Manu trips described here start in Cusco and other start in Puerto Maldonado.

Our Lodges

Travel Time
Lodge Facilities
Nature Attractions
Private bus from Cusco over Andes, thru Manu cloud forest.
In pristine cloud forest at 5,000 feet of elevation in our private,12,000-acre reserve next to Manu National park
7 to 8 hours driving
12 bungalows w/ private bathroom, Dinning room, Bar, Trails, Library
Monkeys: Brown Capuchins very easy to see at close range. Woolly Monkeys in the cloud forest are the most accessible in all the countries of the Amazon basin. Display of Andean Cock-of- the- Rock
On the banks of Madre de Dios River (Lowland rainforest 1000 feet of elevation). Next to 1-million-acre
7 hours driving and by boat from Pto. Maldonado
22 bungalows w/ private bathroom, Dinning room, Bar, Hamm-ock area (screened), Trails, Library, 2 observation towers
Oxbow Lake, Macaw Clay Lick, Mammal Lick, 11 species of Monkeys, good chance to see Jaguar
On the shores of Manu River (lowland rainforest inside Manu National Park near large lake)
7 hours by boat from MWC
10 tented camps w/ private bathrooms, Dinning room, Bar, Hamm-ock area (screened), Trails, Obser-vation towers
Oxbow Lake, 13 species of Monkeys, good chance to see Jaguar


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