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The Virgin of Patrocinio festivity in Ayacucho


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Virgen of Patrocinio - Ayacucho

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Nov 11, 2016 3:00:21 PM

Virgen of Patrocinio - Ayacucho - Peru

The Virgin of Patrocinio festivity in Ayacucho that takes place each 12 November. It is also called “Mama Patro” (Mother Patro – short way for patrocinio)

The history says that many years ago a Bishop brought to Ayacucho the canvas of the image of the Saint Virgin of Patrocinio and installed in the “Templo de la Buena Muerte”.

The Templo de La Buena Muerte has façade has barroque style and the rock has a simple aspect. It has a half-dotted arch door with two 4-squared columns. In the upper part you can see a niche in which the coat of arms of founder has been sculpted in high relief. There are 2 symmetrical towers at each side of the façade. It is a one-level construction and in the inside the major altar is of carved wood in “pan de oro” (gold leaf) combined with colors dedicated to the Virgin of Patrocinio. The canvas is dressed.

The neighbors were mostly Bread Bakers from Jiron Arequipa where the ovens were located. Then, the Bishop asked the faithful and devoted people to accept the virgin as their patron Virgin and they accepted.

For years, the bakers and workers from the grinder mill gather to organize all the activities related to the festivity that is celebrated not just by bakers but all the traditional neighborhood of Munaypata in the city of Ayacucho. Each year a different majordomo (the religious administrator) receives the image.

The activities are as follows :

The previous day a large number of peasants and inhabitants or the surrounding communities if San Sebastián de Quera, Santa Cruz de Yanayacu, San Pedro de Macha, Maraypampa, San Miguel de Mitoquera, San Juan Pampa, Jatunpucro, San Isidro de Visag, Espíritu Santo de Pomacucho, San Pablo de Pichuy, San Juan de Llihuari, Tambo de San José, Santa Rosa de Salvia. También, de Santísima Trinidad de Pachabamba, Santa Cruz de Ratacocha, Ingenio Bajo, Nauyan Rondos y Colpa Baja, gather at the church and sing in Quechua (Their native language) and also some local dances are performed to venerate the Virgin.

The Virgin goes on procession surrounded by faithful and devoted people. “Manuelito Child” also called “Beautiful Child”(as we call baby Jesus in Peruvian Andes) and Saint Camilo accompanies the Virgin during the procession.

It begins at the Templo de La Buena Muerte (Temple of the Good Death) after the offerings the majordomo and faithful are given. Around 15.00 pm they head towards the main streets of Ayacucho.

During the procession the majordomo and the visitors perform the Marinera Ayacuchana and the Huayno.

Bakers elaborate the Tanta Wawas (baby shape breads)using wheat flour, lard, egg, wine, milk, butter, shredded coconut, vanilla essence, grounded cinnamon, cloves and anise with raisins.

The inhabitant are very grateful to the virgins and celebrate each year with fervor and pass the tradition to the younger.

As you can see traditions are all over the country, and Ayacucho it is not only famous for the archaeological and historical sites, or Holy Week festivity but for many other traditions.

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 Colaboration  Photos Maria del Rosario Valdez, Ayacucho

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Ayacucho, Local Traditions and Culture

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