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Trekking around Cusco but not going to Machu Picchu

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Mar 31, 2018 11:35:00 AM

Hello once more,

As offered last week, finally, you will know more on some routes that are less crowded as they no not include Machu Picchu

These route are an alternative when you want to walk and not be in big crowds.

There is no restriction of spots to book these treks but always you must have some flexibility with dates as some hotel might be fully booked or the train spots are sold out

We suggest NOT to book yet your international flights nor the internal flights to/from Cusco until you get your permit issued

Permits can be sold any minute but you need a minimum of a week to make paperwork.

We also need the scanned passport (valid at the time of the trip). This means that before making any plan you need to be sure that passport is valid as the passport information is included in the permit which is also non refundable nor can be transfered to any other person

Once permits for the trek are issued, we move forward and organize the crew that will go with you

The Magic Route of the Andean Condor

A full day experience that will allow you to appreciate the Andean Condor in its natural environment, Archaeological sites, typical flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes.

Huchuyq´Osqo  Full day tour

Located in the Sacred Valley you cross different ecological levels such as quechua, suni and puna, with their characteristic flora and fauna.

This trek is a full day experience and takes 8 hours approximately.

Huchuyq´Osqo (2 days & 1 night camping)

First day is similar to the full day trek but you you will spend 1 night camping close to the site. During the 2 full days experience you will be able to explore the typical andean vilages that surround the arcaheological complex.

 HUCHUYQ 1-resized-600.jpg


Vinicunca (or Rainbow Mountain) route
(2 days & 1 night camping)

Trek the gorgeous Ausangate Circuit, famous for breathtaking natural scenery, such as glaciers, enormous peaks, turquoise lakes, and grazing alpacas. pend 2 days and 1 night in the pristine, high altitude Andes. Great views of Apu Ausangate, covered in enormous glaciers, colorful lakes, and Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca, a multicolored peak among equally colorful hillsides and boarderd by steep snowcapped peaks. Spend 1 night under incredibly starry skys.

And if little time you can enjoy a full day trip.

For the ones that have more time to enjoy longer trek

Choquequirao trek
(5 days & 4 nights)

This 5 days trek will take you to the Apurimac River canyon where you will discover Choquequirao that means "Cradle of Gold", an amazing archaeological site made by the Incas.

Ausangate route
(5 days & 4 nights camping).

From the green Sacred Valley to the turquoise waters of Ausangatecocha and Machu Picchu

This high altitude trek, is never lower than 4000 m above sea level and replete with breathtaking vistas. This is a rigorous, remote, yet a cultural rich outdoor experience, this mountain circuit is a timeless pilgrimage.

If you are 2 persons traveling together we need 9 spots for you and the crew that will assist you. Each additional person means 2 more spots: one for the traveler and the other for the porter that will carry the gear and the belongings.

If the group is larger than 8 persons we include an assistant for the guide and the cook (2 more spots) so that the quality service is granted to travelers.

You can enjoy a trekking adventure and another day go to Machu Picchu for the day or combine it with a 2 days trek

We wait for you to Contact us

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: trekking in Peru

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