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Discover Peru before you get here.

A Trekking Adventure in Huascarán National Park in Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Sep 5, 2017 5:29:38 PM

Huascarán National Park (Parque Nacional Huascarán) is a Peruvian National Park that will introduce you to the highest tropical peaks in the world. It's situated in the Cordillera Blanca. The park is home to the highest mountain in Peru - Huascarán, at 6,768 meters above sea level, and Alpamayo, standing at 5,947 meters above sea level.


Topics: trekking in Peru

Machu Picchu a Family Adventure in Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on May 31, 2017 2:30:00 PM

All over the world the top adventure travel outfitters are busy unveiling more new trips than you can shake a hiking pole at. 


Topics: Alternative Treks, trekking in Peru

Comments on Short Inca Trail Experience

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on May 17, 2017 9:15:00 PM

On Friday May 12, 2017, Elsabe van der Westhuizen - Technical Advisor from Gonarezhou Conservation Project / Frankfurt Zoological Society commented


Topics: Inca Trail, trekking in Peru

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