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The Sheep Frog from Manu

Posted by Arturo Alva on Dec 4, 2015 3:19:32 PM


The sun begins to set in Manu and nocturnal animals are prepared to wake up. 

Among them the South America Sheep Frog. The Howler Monkeys begin their characteristic roar on sunset while Manu river meanders eastward. Its scientific name is Hamptophryne Boliviana, one of the hundred species of Manu. At night they hunt ants on the floor of the rainforest. They lay their eggs in occasional ponds. Tadpoles reach a length of 30 mm, 65% is their tail, and they live near the bottom of ponds and small water filled cavities within the forest.

The Sheep Frog is a medium light brown frog, flanks and dark surfaces limbs and white belly with dark spots. Its name Sheep Frog is due to the call from the male as a “baaaaj" moderately characteristic sound. They sing when they float in the water.

They can be found in Peru and South American Amazonian countries.

By Arturo Alva.

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Arturo Alva

Topics: Manu

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