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The Pre-Columbian Art in Cusco

Posted by Arturo Alva on Nov 27, 2015 10:48:50 AM

pre-columbian art in cusco

In Cusco we can find the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art which has 10 showrooms.

Also known as the Cabrera’s house is one of the most peaceful and welcoming places in the city of Cusco, it houses the first and only Peruvian museum dedicated to highlight the art of the ancient cultures of Peru. The collection museum consists of utensils and jewelries from the Cultures Nazca, Mochica, Huari, Chimu, Chancay and Inca.

We can go over its spacious rooms where we find: the training room, the Nazca room, the Mochica room, the Huari room, the Chancay-Chimu room, the Inca room, the wood room, the jewelry room, the silver room and the gold room. Painting, sculpture and crafts are the most exposed pieces.

The building itself is a piece of the museum, because it preserved walls from Inca times. It is located in the Nazarenas small square, one of the most central and crowded places in town. A mandatory place to visit and learn the ancient Peruvian cultures.

By Arturo Alva.

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Arturo Alva

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