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The Mysterious Stargate of Aramu Muru, Puno

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on May 28, 2018 11:51:00 AM



High within the Hayu Marca mountain region is the Aramu Muru, a mysterious structure that is now known as a Puerta de Hayu Marca or “Gate of the Gods.” This abandoned stone place remains after the Incan civilization; however, it is believed to have existed before the Incas.

The door measures 7 meters high and 7 meters wide. It has a T-shaped “doorway” carved into the rock wall where an adult person could comfortably fit. However, where the passageway is meant to lead remains a complete mystery.

The site was discovered by accident in 1996 by Jose Luis Delgado Mamani. Mamani was a tour guide for mountaineering tourists. He was merely trekking through the nearby foothills to familiarize himself with the surrounding area when he stumbled across the unusual structure. He contacted the archaeological authorities, and as expected, the site was soon swarming with historians and archaeologists.


The Legend, Lore, and Theories of Aramu Muru

Since then, the purpose of the “door” is subject to wild theories. Many believe it is a stargate for aliens while others say it the entrance to the underworld. A few experts say that the carving is not a door at all, mainly since it is all part of the same stone structure.

Some people have even claimed to have strange visions of stars and fire; others also say they feel the energy flow through them when they touch the door or hear pulsating rhythmic music.

Another legend exists that tells the story of the Spanish Conquistadors who arrived in Peru and looted from the Inca tribes. An Incan priest named Aramu Muru of the Seven Rays Monastery fled to hide the valuable Golden Sun Disk: he ran to the Hayu Marca mountains where he disappeared through the gate – never to be seen again. In fact, the doorway has a small circular depression in the stone that is about the size of a hand; and if the legend is true, then it may be some form of keyhole where a small golden disk could have been.

aramu muru portal

Many of the natives believe that the gateway leads to the Gods. Legends claim that the great heroes would pass through the gates to join the Gods to enjoy the rest of their existence. They could use the doorway to come back and inspect their lands and see how their kingdom is doing.

However, a curious thing about Aramu Muru is that other structures that resemble it exist in other parts of the world. For example, The Gate of the Sun which was constructed by the ancient Tiahuanaco culture in Bolivia also looks like a gateway; it’s also believed to be a stargate. In fact, while the Gate of the Sun remains in the same place where it was first found, many think that Tiahuanaco is not its original location, suggesting it was moved from elsewhere.

How to Get There

Travel to Puno which is near Lake Titicaca. From there, the Aramu Muru site can be reached by taxi. It is 35 km from Puno, and the ride is about an hour’s drive.

If you would like to visit the area we can include in one of our Puno programs and for further information do not hesitate to Contact us

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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