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The beginning of my history in the Magical Cuzco

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Nov 11, 2017 11:26:00 AM

This is a blog written by MIcaela Boza one of our friends who shares her experience while living in Cusco.

I am Micaela and I just wanted to share bits of my adventure travel in Peru…. And a good start is telling you about my experience in Cusco…. Magical and beautiful Cusco.


From the highest part of the Ausangate mountain; soul of the Vilcanota mountain chain, from more tan 6,834 meters above sea level; we can visualize the spectacular mountain view and sky colors that change according to the time of the day. This mountain is located in Cusco where all of the stunning summits from the region are called “Apus”. The name “Apu” was given by ancient incas. An “Apu” represents the gods from the past, It’s the God that flies through the earth, harmonizing the identity with nature, and they are believed to be the spirit of the mountains. This is one of the reasons Cusco is one of the places to visit in Peru.

I arrived here on a summer. It was raining a lot. The lands had blossomed and colorful flowers were decorating the horizon of the Urumbamba’s Valley. The Incas left plenty of their wisdom all around the valley, and specially in Cusco is where we inherit the most. Beautiful stone streets, aqueducts and amazing constructions from their temples constructed with giant stones that until now many question how they did to move them and put them together in such a precise and perfect way. The same with their irrigation and farming system called “Andenes”. Wonders that make you go back in time. To a past that’s not strange to us, where men lived happier before the conquest time. The Inca way of living was reciprocal. There was no currency. They loved and adored the sun, god of life: “The Inti” and they were guided by the moon “Kia” and the movement of the stars “Chascas”. How could they not live happy?


While you are walking around the “mamachas” with their ponchos smile at you from the distance between sheeps and llamas. Everything amaze them because they are like children so they look at you with curiosity. If you want to take a picture of them the famous phrase pops out “ One dollar” and that’s just the way. tourism works here. Its typic, It’s very peruvian, and I am proud. Many of them don’t understand Spanish. They just speak their native language; Quechua and it feels so pure and so virgin. The fact that they don’t speak Spanish is something that makes them even more amazing. Worthy of imitating.

I can keep on and on and never stop as there is so much fun in Cusco, one of the best place to do trekking in Peru and have adventure while doing zipline, river rafting, mountain bike, horseback riding among so many other activities you can do there.

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©Micaela Boza Larrañaga

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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