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Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jan 5, 2019 9:09:00 AM



Peru’s rich history in archeology is enhanced with a maritime history as well. Its seacoast extends through all the length of the Peruvian territory, which it is necessary to protect and defend. THE ABTAO SUBMARINE MUSEUM located at Jorge Chavez Avenue 120 A, in the Port City of Calla: South Port, inside of what used to be an active Peruvian Navy submarine. During the war HISPANO-SUDAMERICANA, in the year 1866, sea combat took place, between the Spanish Armada and the allied Armadas of Peru and Chile named the “COMBATE OF ABTAO.” In memory of this event, a modern submarine was named: The ABTAO. All submarines in the Peruvian Navy have names that are from battles that took place in its history.

The Abtao submarine cruised the Pacific Ocean for 48 years, patrolling and adding security to the Peruvian sea cost with its presence, with more than 5003 immersions in its 48 years of service. On March 07 of 2000, the Abtao submarine was decommissioned and destined to be dismantled. But, thanks to the efforts of high-rank Navy officers, retired personnel, and local authorities, it was assigned to the Retiree Submarine Personnel Association becoming the first floating museum in South America since the year 2004.

This small museum will give you a lifetime experience for many years to remember. How many times in your life might you or any member of your family have the opportunity to be “INSIDE” a real submarine? A guided tour inside its installations conducted by retired navy personnel, shows you first hand, what is to be “in the tube.” It also includes a short video of what a real attack feels like while being inside a submarine. Enclosed and submerged for 30 to 40 days at the time, is the average time submarine personnel will be in it while in active duty. The tour lasts only 40 minutes due to the size of the submarine, which is 66 meters long by 7 meters wide, where groups of only 30 people at the time can be inside the sub with air conditioning while visiting the six compartments of the vessel.



Video by TV PERU

The tour begins in the TORPEDO CHAMBER, followed by the PROA BATERIES. The CONTROL ROOM or COMMAND CENTER is next, where you can see the periscopes, and hear the orders given by the Captain under a recreation of attack. THE BATERIES OF POPA where the kitchen and eating room are located, as well as the refrigeration chambers and ammunition area. THE MACHINE ROOM where you can appreciate the two enormous Diesel Engines and motors. The visit to the ENGINE ROOM is particularly interesting, where an elaborated play of lights is put on display, simulating an attack. Outside of the submarine, the tour continues, and where you can shoot beautiful pictures next to the big 5 foot cannons.

Comfortable clothing and low heeled shoes are recommended, to have easy access through the vertical escalators, called “ESCOTILLAS.” Note - there are no bathroom services. The Abtao Museum receives 200 visitors daily and is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 to 4 p.m. Cameras and films are allowed, so that you can record your visit, through all the spaces of this unique museum.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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