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The 7 Best Reasons to Bring Your Kids


Discover Peru before you get here.

The 7 Best Reasons to Bring Your Kids to #Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jul 26, 2016 9:00:00 PM

7 Best Reasons to Bring your Kids

School day are already over and the time has come. You are on vacations and you have not yet organized this year trip and you are thinking where to bring all the family and you are not sure aboutthe destination. Well #Peru is your answer  and here you will find 7 Best Reasons you and your family shold bring your kids of any age to #Peru

  1. Travelling abroad is a good classroom on flexibility
    Some kids have rigid schedules of set dinner times and  therefore their expectations are rigid. Traveling to abroad and to a different time zone requires breaks all pre-structured daily planning while you have fun with your kids in the process.
  1. Visiting historic sites or being part on a nature focused tour will open a window to do  more  research  on the places  to visit and you will know more on the world that surrounds them.
    Some of  the  details  may  become  an  almost  forgotten  issue  as time goes  by.  Kids  will  always  remember   the  experience   of climbing Wayna Picchu (The Youngest Mountain in Qechua Native Language).

    Just in  front of  Macchu Picchu this  experience  will take be 2 hours of your time and then you will continue to one of the New Wonders of the World  and Inca Culture is part of school textbooks are about.

    Another amazing places to visit are #Tambopata and #Manu . In both areas you will find so much nature that is protected by government and private Conservation Groups like Peru Verde..

    To get to  #Tambopata you  just get  to Puerto Maldonado and by boat you and continue your trip by boat until you arrive to  #Sandoval Lake Lodge or to  #Heath River Wildlife Center.

    If you  are more  into  adventure you  can go to  #Manu  by flight to Puerto Maldonado  or by  road from #Cusco.
    This is a unique experience a nature lover will enjoy in any of the destinations.

  2. It is always good to learn a second language.
    A trip to #Peru may outcome on your kids learning some Spanish or even Qechua  to communicate with  local  people, especially in #Cusco.
    The good part of  learning  Spanish is  that If you  plan to go on a next Holidays to anotherspanish speaking  country  like  Mexico,  Colombia,   Ecuador,  Venezuela,  Spain  among  so many other countries you will be prepared to communicate..
  1. It´s time for friends & family travel.
    Let’s face it, at the beginning thinking on travelling with kids was not the idea that  you had when planning a trip.

    After a second thought you realize that it´s the best time to make “father & son” or ”mother & daughter” time  to  share and create a special bond.
    Family that travel together will enjoy time at home showing their friends photos and/or videos of their family trip to #Peru  .
  1. All kids & parents learn a different perspective
    It’s not  the same to learn  about a country  on s chool books  than learning  travelling to the  country you  want to know more about. Interaction  with  different persons  during  the  trip will  give each one a  different  perspective  of  their own  lives and  will learn  not only about #Peru but to be grateful for the life they have.
  1. #Peru gastronomy is interesting and more important it is delicious
    Are you a picky or an adventurous eater? Well, traveling to #Peru opens your taste beyond macaroni and cheese. Kids will find some food they will enjoy and will wait to see which one you like “the most”. Yes, we say “the most” as we are sure that you will fall for at least 3 or 4 meals you will enjoy very much.
  1. Kids can learn about their heritage
    A trip to  #Peru  opens an  opportunity  to explore  roots or find pieces of your  family tree.

    After  World War I & II many Europeans came to America and especially to a #Peru. As an example, my relatives came to #Peru  at  the beginning  of 1900´s and raised their family here or married a Peruvian Lady.

    The  6 Degrees of Separation concept  sometimes  it  is  even  less than you imagine.

If you consider #Peru is the best option for you and your family then please contact us via email to help you organize your trip!

Photo by Roberto Carlos CASTRO

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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