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Tarawasi, architectural treasure

Posted by Arturo Alva on Dec 11, 2015 12:30:29 PM

tarawasi cusco peru

Tarawasi is an archaeological complex located in Cusco. Also known by the name of Limatambo.

It consists of a large platform with walls of carved and joined stones in a cell type style. We can find the stone altar ("usnu"), agricultural terraces, fountains and irrigation canals.

Tarawasi is a compound word of Quechua, "tara" means spiny shrub that bears fruit and "wasi" means house.

The historical tradition says that this place was ordered to be built by the Inca Pacahacutec with the objective to establish a resting place in the area on the road to Chinchaysuyo. It’s also said that it was a ceremonial center.

It’s located in the district of Limatambo in the province of Anta in the department of Cusco. At about 2,675 meters, on the left bank of the river Limatambo. A place worth to admire for its typical Inca architecture and remarkable location.

By Arturo Alva.

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Arturo Alva

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