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Peru’s Heritage

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Feb 14, 2017 9:55:53 AM


Thousands of years before the tribe of people known as the Incas inhabited the Peru, it was populated by many different American Indian tribes.These tribes had advanced agriculture and architecture skills and their ruins and artifacts remain in some parts of the country. However, the reign of the Inca’s from around the year 1200 up until the conquest of the Spanish in 1533 continues to be the most fascinating of Peruvian history.

It may be the fact that they left so many immense structures behind or perhaps it is their culture and way of life that intrigues us so much.

One of the Inca’s greatest strengths was organization. They conquered fertile areas previously inhabited by other successful tribes and built an empire that extended many hundreds of miles in South America. Their language became the most commonly spoken in Peru, Quechua and other dialects related to it remain today widely spoken. Their boundless skill in cultivating agriculture made the civilization a strong and prosperous one. Thankfully the ruins of so many captivating Inca structures are still left for us to gaze and marvel upon, while you visit Peru.

The Inca’s religion was based upon the belief in one ruling god, Viracocha, and he was supported by servant gods. Each natural phenomenon was represented by a god. The sun, the mountains, rivers and the very earth they cultivated were worshipped. The Inca’s complimented their landscape. The cities and temples they built are nestled between peaks of the Andes with paths covering undulating earth that can be discovered while trekking in Peru. Views across splendor rarely found in the modern world and nooks filled with ruins of scared blessings so expertly crafted they appear to be part of the earth. A wildlife holiday in Peru will allow you to discover its beauty, traditions and rituals like reading coca leafs an pay to the earth (a tradition to ask for permission to perform an activity or to thank for all the earth has given them), both are the most know and are still performed these days.

We encourage you to visit Peru and be part of this amazing culture.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Peru

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