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“Panthera Onca” in Manu Park & Heath River Wildlife Center - Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Apr 29, 2017 1:30:00 AM


At MANU RIVER, MANU NATIONAL PARK & HEATH RIVER WILDLIFE CENTER - #PERU. Jaguars, one of the most emblematic species 

in the tropics, are greatly endangered to disappear due to illegal hunters and the constant loss of their habitats that are being modified at alarming rates.

Efforts for conservation are a constant struggle, were protected natural areas may represent in the future the only safe places that will ensure the survival of this remarkable specie.

During the last 10 years (2003 to present) reports of jaguar sightings within Manu Park has become close to frequent. Also we have started to control the sightings within Heath River Wildlife Center area.

This circumstance allows us the raise of an assessment of individuals taking into account the patterns of spots on their body in order to learn more about aspects of their biology, distribution and behavior.

Progress of the Jaguar Monitoring Program in Manu River and Heath River Wildlife Center requires the involvement of different participant’s contribution such as tourism operators, tour guides, researchers, SERNANP staff, general visitors and conservationist supporters.

The number of tourists who visited Manu National Park in 2010 was close to 1,500, which equals an estimate of 375 groups that toured Manu River, meaning 375 monitor opportunities to gather more information, an important figure to help estimate the population and behavior of jaguars in the Park; key conditions to develop conservation strategies in the future.

Up to May, 2013 we have identified 15 different individuals and enough leads to believe the possible identification of 3 new ones; hoping that this number will increase in the future with the assistance of all persons living, working, or touring different areas of Manu though their photographic documentation.


The photographs of jaguars that you may share with us will be greatly appreciated, as they will increase our data base inside Manu Wildlife Center and Heath River Wildlife Center

To carry out the monitoring of Jaguar along the Manu River, it is proposed the participation of all visitors to the Manu National Park, this requires implementing equipment (GPSs) to be handled by the tour guides, who along with tourists would take useful information each time you observe an individual. It is also important totake note that same actions are begining to be done at Heath River Wildlife Center

This way we could know many aspects such as ranges of individuals at Manu National Park and Heath River Wildlife Center .


“School talks and illustrated guide”

In recent decades the Jaguar has been considered as a hunting trophy, and little or nothing has been explained about the importance of this species in tropical forests: its biological characteristics, reproductive behavior, sociability, feeding habits, its role as biological controller, population dynamics, distribution, etc.

So it is important to spread the word among the local population of Boca Manu, other neighboring communities and all visitors to the Park.

The development of an illustrated guide, will be a proper tool to promote awareness of locals, mainly through young students focused on environmental awareness, and other children’s cultural activities such as: drawing contests, poetry and games, and also diffusion within future visitors of the Park.

To learn more about this project and other conservation and social initiatives, please write to:

Daniel H. Blanco Zamalloa

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Heath River, Manu

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