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Palomino Islands Half Day Tour

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Dec 30, 2015 10:29:30 AM

palomino island lima peru

Planning a half day tour in #Lima depends on your interests. One option to make it different fom the classic city our mouseum tour is to go on a yatch around Callao.

The day begings with a transfer from your hotel to Callao to board a Yacht. You travel south to San Lorenzo Island.

You sail around it, and continue the trip to El Frontón Island  until you reach the south part , and turn to the East until you reach the Ecological Zone, where you will be able to see the guano birds.  We will pass ½ mile from Cavinzas Island, a typical Guano Island and 2 miles later you arrive to Palomino Islands.     

Upon arrival we will stop for momet so that you can see the  sea lions that will get close to the yatch, surrounding it at moments. You wil be able to swim close to them without intruding their territory, and for those that don’t want to swim you can enjoy watching them while they jump. This Experience will allow you to see the numerous population and the group social behavior.

At  Palomino Islands we will stay  40 minutes, and while surrounding we will be able to appreciate the intact island guano ecosystem (seas lions and sea birds)

From  Palomino we continue cruising towards the west coast of San Lorenzo Island until we reach the north part, a big steeped rocky mountain where the  Island Light house is located. After we turn we will reach to a small bay, with small sand and small rocks beaches with calmed waters formed by the morning low tides. This bay is La Punta summer zone for yachts  and it is usual to see some there. We will stop a moment the closest we can to these beaches so that the persons who want, can swim close to the yatch o go to the beach. After the swimming experience we will return to Callao and transfer back to your hotel.

Or if you are traveling with children and you want to make it a special  and different day we can stop to enjoy a nice lunch and make a full day experience visiting including additional amazing sites in Callao

Abtao Submarine Museum

BAP Abtao (SS-42) was a Abtao-class submarine of the Peruvian Navy.

The submarine was built by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut and delivered on 1 March 1954. She initially served as Tiburón ("Shark"), but was renamed Abtao in April 1957. Originally assigned pennant number 5, in 1959 she was designated SS-2, then renumbered SS-42 in 1960.

The submarine was decommissioned in 1998 and became a museum ship in 2004.      


and Real Felipe Fortress       

The Real Felipe Fortress was built to defend the main Peruvian port and the city of #Lima from pirates and corsairs during colonial times. The fortress was pivotal in the 1866 naval battle between a Spanish fleet sent to South America to "claim" its colonies and land batteries in the coast of #Peru. The Real Felipe Fortress is currently the Peruvian Army Museum, displaying historical uniforms, weapons and other military paraphernalia. Read more



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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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