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More about my history in the Magical Cuzco

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Nov 18, 2017 11:22:00 AM

Last week Micaela began telling you abour her experience in Cusco and today she finishes it.


Hello again…. I am Micaela once more..... and as I love so much Cusco that I want to share with you more about Magical Cusco.

At “La Plaza de Armas” in Cusco on the northeast sector there was the fortress of Atahualpa; the last governor of the Inca Empire who was defeated by the Spanish, and it was completely destroyed after that. In the same place they constructed a nice church instead made from stone and granite. I stand up in front of it.

I close my eyes and feel a fresh wind grazing my face, and I start Imagining that incredible temple, how it was and my the imagination goes free, intrepid. I start imagining the greatness of its walls and how imposing they could have been in a past not so strange to us or far and then I open my eyes and i see this magnificent catholic cathedral. Its a little ironic but true. The Incas are felt here just like the wind. Even though they don’t exist anymore, is like they are still here and they never left. Among the streets, among the noise of the andean routine, in their people’s faces, their descendants. A tailor made holiday will allow you to come to Cusco and feel this amazing sensation.



Cusco and it's exquisite alpaca meat, snow-capped mountains, wide and sometimes mad rivers, painted views of mountain chains, delicious quinua that nourishes our brothers. Is the smell of fertile land. It’s Highland and high jungle can be combined in a Peru holiday package. It’s perfect weather. It’s preserved ruins that stayed there forever. The giant corn of Urubamba that doesn’t exist in any other part of the world, is the smiling children, is Machu Pichu, is Huachuma, is colorful flowers, is Patagonas Gigas that fly non-stop with no direction, is speaking Quechua, red cheeks of is pure air that gives life. Is strong and stunning and without a warning you end up trapped with its magic. A Machu Pichu hike will allow you to feel the bliss. The magic of a place you maybe never thought of knowing and in that precise moment is when it happens, in that precise moment is when you feel it. In some takes more time, in some takes just a little while but it always catches with you, that untamable happiness that makes you feel like you never want to go back and you want to stay there, forever.

NatGeo Machu Picchu.jpg
Cusco, the magical city of our ancestors the Incas offers us adventure, extreme expepriences, exceptional birding spots, amazing structures that are testimony of all the knowledge the Incas had.

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©Micaela Boza Larrañaga

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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