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Monitoring Nature - Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Oct 13, 2018 9:25:00 AM

Never is late to remember the aim of the team. Here we share an artcicle written  back in 09.April 2014 by © Alejandro Hayes Clavijo (Enviromental Engineer -Quality of Service Control) for  PERU VERDE 

Since its foundation (1996) PERU VERDE, former Conservationist Association for the Southern Rainforest of Peru dated on 1986  (ACSS for its name in Spanish), has worked to protect and boost the value to the rich biological and cultural heritage of Peru, creating opportunities, participation and jobs for the people and communities who find themselves immersed at the very edge of biodiversity destruction.

Their pioneering approach towards ecotourism, operated by local people has created numerous jobs during all the years through a of sustainable approach, combining Peru’s most attractive wildlife in a way that was never conceived of before. Thanks to the efforts of its team of scientists, PERU VERDE has expanded the attractions and specified locations to enjoy close-up views of macaw clay licks, Tapir clay licks, Giant Otters, or Andean Cocks of the Rock. These four compelling attractions were not options for tourism prior to PERU VERDE´s work. 

wildlife monitoring-1

The scientific data flowing from their basic and applied biological research has directly generated wealth and jobs for many families across this remote jungles. Form the beginning, hand in hand with InkaNatura Travel, PERU VERDE seeks to preserve Peru's wildlife and rainforest through field research, habitat protection, and eco-friendly economic alternatives for local communities.

Experimenting with different models of ecotourism development, including lodges 100% owned by nonprofit conservation groups, to mixed ventures between nonprofits and local clans or families but still supported by PERU VERDE and marketed by travel agency InkaNatura Travel (Cock of the Rock Lodge, Manu Widlife Center, Manu  Camp Wildlife Center in Manu area and also Sandoval Lake Lodge and Heath River Wildlife Center in Tambopata area). The main goal of each lodge is to protect thousands of hectares of critical rainforest habitat. All of the profits from these lodges are used entirely in conservation work.

As part of this initiatives, at the end of 2013 a team of biologists guided by Inkanatura’s specialized jungle crew have gone deep inside The Pampas of Heath (through Madre de Dios River on its way to the extreme and isolated Bolivian border). The task was to install several monitoring devices (trap cameras) in order to follow the steps of the elusive and yet unknown maned wolf.




Both, Frankfurt Zoological Society and PERU VERDE have united efforts in order to photograph this rare and mysterious animal. This next June we shall be able to share with you exclusive images of the results of this expeditionary quest… Also hoping that in addition to the results we may be able to get good glances of jaguars, tapirs and other surprises!

Travelling with us is enhaced by knowing that part of the cost of the tour goes to preserve nature and protect endangered species of animals among many other actuvities we will tell you about later on.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Amazon, Ecotourism, Conservation

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