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InkaNatura and Climate Change

Posted by Arturo Alva on Mar 4, 2016 12:17:49 PM


Since 2015, InkaNatura Travel applies good practices about mitigation climate change...

and collaborates with the conservation of biodiversity of the Tambopata National Reserve.

Climate change is possibly the biggest challenge that we have as a global community. To reduce and mitigate the carbon emissions is a responsibility of all economic sectors and of society in general.

Global warming, melting glaciers, the intensification of natural phenomenon’s and biodiversity loss, are some evidence of this process, according with IPCC scientists – Intergovernmental Panel about Climate Change, still can be handled.

It is with this understanding and consistent with its mission and commitment that InkaNatura Travel made the mitigating of its carbon footprint concerning to its activities on 2015 and pretends to renovate this commitment in 2016.

Co2 footprint of InkaNatura Travel, has been compensated by REDD+ project of conservation of the Tambopata National Reserve, thus contributing to the development of activities for conservation and sustainable use.

With this practice InkaNatura Travel improves its environmental performance and is certified, through the Green Initiative project as a Carbon Neutral company. Green Initiative is a climate project, which has international funding to collaborate with the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions of small and medium companies in Peru, that seek to improve their competitiveness, migrating towards the green economy.

Arturo Alva

Topics: Tambopata

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