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Harvest Festival in Ica

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Mar 8, 2017 7:29:33 PM


Every year in the month of March  The International Harvest Festival takes place Ic

a traditionally wine region. This festival was createdin 1958 to enhance the wine industry  in the south area of Lima

The harvest begins by removing grape vines so the juice can be used for the elaboration of wines and piscos that have given so much fame to Ica area. The finest and sophisticated  liqueurs are also obtained making the country's most important wine region.

The festival activities include dance performances by national and international artists. Besides there are fireworks, children's shows, rides, and other attractions.

Attendees can also enjoy delicious wines, unique Cachina and excellent Peruvian Pisco; you can also taste the delicious pecans tiles or candied fruits, filled with blancmange and covered powdered sugar.

Visiting the wineries of the valley is one of the main activities of the Harvest and the traditional grape crushing takes place, sand-boarding competittion on the Huacachina dunes. Other activities also take place, such as agricultural fair, food processing, handicrafts, culinary competition, among others.

As local tradition, the festivals in Peru must have a queen and the Harvest is no exception. With a traditional parade where beautiful queens prospects pass by and throw bunches of grapes to the public; After it finishes, the election and coronation of the Queen of the Harvest takes place. The elected queen, accompanied by her court begind  "the steps of the grape" to extract fruit juice that will become liquor.

During these days the surroundings and the city are transformed by the joyful spirit of the people,  inhabitants and visitors of  the region.

On the ranchs Pachamancas are prepared and sold. Creole music competitions are held, cockfights and Peruvian horse shows are performed. A good way to celebrate a product of national tradition to the world.


Viñas Queirolo External View

If you would like to experience a special stay among the vineyard there is a lovely Hotel built in Republican Style called Viñas Queirolo and you can visit it all year and you can cobine with a flight over the Nasca Lines,  Ballestas Island and Paracas National Reserve (also called Little Galapagos)


Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Ica

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