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Discover Peru based on your interests

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jun 2, 2018 9:20:00 AM

InkaNatura Travel has always been known as one of the first Tour Operators for Ecotourism in #Manu and #Tambopata areas. Later on, as one of the official #InkaTrail Tour Operators.

It is well known that times change and the tourism does it as well, and we are thrilled to introduce NEW programs that cover a wide spectrum of activities, interest and experiences. Now with possibilities to include homestay at a local house in #LakeTitikaka and share the way of living, watch the condors in #ColcaCanyon in a 2 days/ 1 night stay or if you prefer more days, it can be done as well.



#Puno inhabitants in typical clothing

We can not forget the trekking experience on the roads and paths along #Cusco and it surroundings which is worldwide known as the so famed #InkaTrail  to #MachuPicchu site (one of the new 7 wonders of the world).

If spots for the classic routes are sold out you always have the branches that are also part of the trail and that once also connected other areas of the Inca Empire with #Cusco & #MachuPicchu  such as:


and you can not forget #Choquequirao, The #CraddleofGold and these treks have other regulations and there are no restriction on the amount of persons that can hike.

If you just have 1 week to explore the country we have a  specially designed program for you. It gives you a good idea of the main tourist cities of such as #Lima, #Cusco, #MachuPicchu . Good hotels to stay at while discovering the #TasteOfPeru

For persons who want to enjoy a  dash of adventure during their trip we can offer the program #PeruEcoAdventure&IncaTrail.


In 9 days & 8 nights explore diverse Peruvian ecosystems and learn more about wildlife in  #PeruvianAmazon area, culture and history. This is specially designed for those with love of nature and taste for light adventure. While discovering our beautiful country enjoy the diverse hotels we offer you in each destination.

For the archaeology and history lovers we have designed a program that will allow you explore some of the most important ancient cultures of #Peru,

The #AncientTreasuresOfPeru includes a visit to the Moches, & Chimus  sites and the amazing Inca ones. A great overview of the 3 of the most important cultures that developed in #Peru.


Huaca Rajada Site Museum

Also another approach to the history and culture to the south part of  #Peru is the program called #PeruCultureNatureAndSoftAdventure 15 days program that starts on the coast and travel to #ColcaCanyon one of the deepest in the world, with the small villages clinging from its walls. Continue to  #Cusco and explore the fertile valleys of #Cusco to visit Andean communities, including a hike to #Huchuyq´Osqo and continue to #MachuPicchu  where you will spend the night.. You will return to #Lima for a last visit a nice manor house where Caballos de Paso Peruano are breeded keeping traditions.


Paso Horse show at "Los Ficus" in #Lima

It is specially designed for those with special interest in gastronomy, history and archaeology and Peruvian Andes hidden secrets such as Juanita Mummy in #Arequipa and #MachuPicchu  in #Cusco. You will have another aproach to Peruvian Archaeology & Gastronomy including  trips to discover: #ColcaCanyon, Raqch´i and a loveley stay in Sacred Valley you have the 16 days program #SecretsOfPeruvianAndes

For a traveller that likes to take slow steps to get to know each place and enjoys adventure and wants to have more time to be part of the experiences the #PeruExplorer program which is designed to explore the south part of #Peru starting on the coast crossing snow-capped mountains of the Andes, the altiplano, where the highest navigable lake in the world is located arriving to the fertile valleys of #Cusco. to visit Andean communities in Sacred Valley, including the adventure of #MachuPicchuhike. From #Cusco you can continue the journey visiting the jewel of the Peruvian rainforest#Manu  - one of the birdwatching breaks of the country. The trip ends visiting the #Paracas National Reserve with its famous #BallestasIslands and an overflight of the #NascaLines.

For a traveller that likes to take a good view of each place and has time, the 15 days program #DiscoverPeru program is designed to explore the south part of #Peru starting on the coast crossing snow-capped mountains of the Andes, the altiplano, where the highest navigable lake in the world is located arriving to the fertile valleys of #Cusco.to visit Andean communities, including #MachuPicchu. 

From #Cusco you can continue the journey visiting the amazing  jungle

#HeathRiverWildlifeCenter in #Tambopata.

#MythicalPeru is a 26 days program specially designed for those with special interest in Northern Archaeology such as:


#Caral archaeological site

The trip begins  with a journey with stops in #Caral, #Huaraz, #Trujillo and #Chiclayo. in #NorthernPeru.

The second part of the trip takes you to #Cusco to discover its history, continue to #Puno and it´s amazing #LakeTitikaka ending with a visit to #Ica & #Paracas to explore the magnificent #NascaLines

We have not forgotten honeymooners that want to explore a new destination for this special once in a lifetime ocasion.

#Peru is a good choice and for them we have designed  an special program

#ExclusiveHoneymoon will allow you to experience the trip from #Cusco to #Puno  in the Andean Explorer Train with an overnight in the train in the deluxe rooms. Also there is a possibility to extend your stay and go to #Nasca Paracas and #Ica or to #Iquitos and take a short trip in a river cruise in the #AmazonRiver.

iqt by night

#Iquitos by Night

We can also tailor-made the program according to your needs, interest. You can be a solo traveler, a couple, a family travelling with kids, a group of firends, #Peru is the destination for you. Just think whay you would like to exprerience and i bet we can find a program that will suit your interest.

For international and/or domestic flights, we suggest to contact Exito Travel, a wholesaler based in United States. They are familiar with our operations and are used to book flights for our clients according to their respective itineraries. When booking your tickets, please provide them the information on your trip itinerary and they will do all the necessary.

All tickets issued in #Peru  are subject to 18% sales taxes but if you purchase the tickets through Exito Travel, no taxes are charged.  You can make all the arrangement directly with them.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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