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Christmas in Peru

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Dec 1, 2017 11:05:00 AM

christmas in peru cusco puno amazon

The cultural and historical richness and variety of Peru makes Christmas a different experience in many ways.

In Chachapoyas women carry the holiday spirit beyond. It is known as "The Shepherd", these young people dress up as schoolgirls with colorful traditional cloth carrying a baby Jesus in their back, walking around the streets and churches. Many churches organize competition looking for the best reception of pastoralist.

In Puno, one of the highest areas of the world, it keeps the habit to use of coca leaves as an oracle. Reading of this ancient plant reveal the future for the new year according to the beliefs. In addition, "Fairs of the Children" are very typical in which births and figurines of the Child Jesus are sold.

niño 24 dic.jpgBaby Jesus Image

In the Peruvian Andes Christmas is lived genuinely. In the emblematic Cusco. Every December 24th the Main Square becomes a great meeting point when the Santurantikuy fair takes place and you can feel the Christmas spirit al lover the place. It  is organized by artisans, farmers and herdsmen of the region who gather to sell their best Christmas products.

santurantikuy.jpg   Santurantikuy, 24 Dec - each year

The Amazon area does not escape this celebration and lives in a more exotic way  by decorating Jesus craddle  with banana leaves and other typical fruits of the region and  the animals of the jungle region are placed  to accompany  the Child Jesus.

Parades are inevitable, such as the "Grazed Christmas", which are disguised groups of biblical characters, pretending to follow the star of Bethlehem that takes you to the Child Jesus. The parade is animated by drums, whistles and chants of jungle tradition.

And Christmas in Lima is like in  any big city.  People is filled by an euphoric shopping environment, the capital is more colorful and bright as ever and hundreds of Christmas trees are in the main streets and in each district Main Squares.

Christmas is a good season to share with family and friends and why not travel to Peru to enjoy local traditions and experince the adventure and fun Peru offers you

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

Topics: Peru

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