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Discover Peru before you get here.

Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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Yanahuara Charm

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jul 27, 2017 10:35:00 AM

Yanahuara is a district of Arequipa, with narrow cobbled streets where walking turn out to be a very nice activity. Old houses with family orchards will allow you to discover the legendary of teh area which iffers great views..

Its climate is warm and pleasant all year round with an average temperature between 59 F° and 73 F°, for its traditional altitude gives us mild days.


Topics: Arequipa

Mr Jerrell comments on his experience at Heath River Wildlife Center

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jul 12, 2017 6:32:45 PM

Mr Jerrell and his wife stayed at Heath River Wildlife Center from 06 to 09 July 2017


Topics: Heath River, Tambopata, Amazon

A house with history in Trujillo

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Jun 16, 2017 9:35:00 PM

The House of Emancipation in Trujillo is part of the history and the independence of Peru


Topics: Trujillo, Local Traditions and Culture, northern peru

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