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Art Inspired by Peruvian History

Posted by Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel on Oct 27, 2018 8:45:00 AM

On July 22nd, 2013 Annie Yeoman wrote this article for our blog which we consider is worth sharing with you once more

By travelling to a country such as Peru,  so famous for historical pilgrimage and breathtaking landscapes it is presumed you’re interested in more than just ticking a location off a list. Peru’s history, culture and fortunate abundance of habitats make it many a tourists’ dream vacation spot, to relax or take part of the various adventure travel tours we offer.

catmaran sll 2

Catamaran in Sandoval Lake

The presence of a huge variety of wildlife means Peru’s rainforests, mountain ranges and cloud forest are prime attractions for wildlife enthusiasts and the keen photographer alike .Amazon jungle tours or Machu Picchu hike will be the perfect experience and they will have the possibility to discover these sites. The world, alas and all its treasures are constantly under threat. Climate change, pollution and loss of habitats along with the current throw away culture adopted by much of the human race mean that each and every beautiful creature must struggle for survival against our continuing reign of terror. Every tunnel has a shaft of light though; we are the sole reason for so much destruction but also the ones who can preserve the earth’s natural wonders and also those man made sites so important to our culture that can be discovered while to take part of the northern Peru tours. Artists exploring Peru will find more than just wondrous views to inspire their work just like our ancestors did.

Leimebamba Mummy

Leimebamba Mummy

Using any medium you prefer, Peru´s treasures could be captured and displayed, inspiring people further to visit this country. Artist´s Tours and Cruises are a popular way to explore countries and a perfect inspiration to their participants.

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Carmen Maria Guevara Protzel

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