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Birding in Puno (3D/2N)

This program offers a different aproach to the Titikaka Reserve.


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Birding in Puno (3D/2N)

This program offers a different aproach to the Titikaka Reserve and it surroundings.

You must be aware that the Titikaka Reserve is split into two separate sectors:

The first, which lies in the Bay of Puno itself, protects the totora reed clumps which provide sustenance to the Uros-Chulluni communities.

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The second, which is located in the Huancané area, features less-visited totora marshes, but which are equally rich in species and just as interesting. In the area there are 60 bird species, including the Titicaca grebe, 14 native fish species and 18 types of amphibians, including the giant Titicaca toad.

Included in your trip:

  • Private  overland transportation
  • Guided tours
  • Entrance fees
  • Meals mention in the itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation

Not included:

  • Airport taxes
  • Domestic flights
  • Bus or train tickets in / out Puno
  • Excess baggage
  • Tips 


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